>Nasi lemak, instant noodles and roses

May 23, 2011


Kisah dua beranak yang terjadi masa they were swapping their ice cream around…

Bapak nya: I want this ice cream because I think this is the english toffee one.

Anak nya: How do you know it’s english toffee?

Bapak nya: Because of their accent.

Anak nya: Eh? Ice cream has accent?

Emak nya: hehehehehehehehehe……….. Open-mouthed smile.

Nah sejambak bunga for those of you who understand the joke Winking smile.



This morning, instead of just taking photos of the roses, I was offered the roses as well to take home. I pun apa lagi, terima dengan tangan terbuka lah, hahaha. Tu yang ada sejambak bunga at home Smile.

Kalau tak nak sejambak roses, you can have the single ones below.





See, mosquito pun suka kat roses kan!


I know it has blemishes on the petal, but it is still pretty to my eyes Smile.

And untuk sape yang tak suka roses or bunga2 ni, layan lah gambar our dinner ye.


Ini nasi lemak dinner on Saturday night.


Ini pulak dinner instant noodles with stry fry beef n chicken n veges malam ni.


>Cooking pizza in the BBQ

May 22, 2011


How’s your Sunday everyone?

Mine is the same except there was a food ‘fair’ at the masjid tadi. Just a few tables selling the usual malay food.

What did I buy?

Karipap as usual, padahal ada frozen karipap I baru buat on Friday in the freezer! But I tak tau lah kenapa, everytime I nampak karipap, mesti kena beli jugak, hahaha. So I bought 5 pieces which was $1 each. Terer kan karipap kat OZ ni, $1 each, hikhikhik. But they were big and makan 1 dah terasa lah a bit kenyang jugak. I beli 5 sebab The Little Misses love karipap and diaorang aje makan 2 each Smile.

Then I bought kuih ketayap. Kat sini ketayap they jual 4 keping for $3.50. Since The Little Misses and The Other Half suka ketayap and I cuma buat ketayap masa bulan puasa aje, terpaksalah I beli 8 keping ketayap tadi. Can you imagine bayar $7 for 8 keping ketayap! Sure buntang mata Mak Abah I kalau tau Open-mouthed smile.

Then I bought popia goreng pedas for $1 each. I bought 2, 1 each for me and The Other Half. Then I bought mee rebus for me to have for lunch which was $4.50 for a small container but it was very filling for me. The Other Half I tak belikan any meal sebab he wanted to have the nasi lemak leftover I made last night for lunch.

And since lunch dah makan asian food, malam ni for dinner, I made pizza.

But this time instead of baking them in the oven, we baked them in the BBQ using the hood to keep the temperature stable like an oven.

It came out really crisp and we could imagine that it was a ‘wood-fired’ pizza, hehehehe…..

If you nak tau how to bake pizza in a BBQ, this is the link.

And baru lah I tau yang if you want a crispy-based pizza, you dont add sugar to the dough ingredients. But if you like your pizza a bit bread-like, you add a bit of sugar masa buat dough tu.


I did all the preps and his job was to keep an eye on the temperature of the BBQ ‘oven’ and also making sure that the pizzas don’t get burnt (which I think is the most important job, hehehehe.).


Going in….


After 13 minutes in the BBQ, it was crispy and perfectly cooked.


Nampak yummy tak? Winking smile


I could only finish 2 pieces sebab still kenyang lagi from lunch, heeee….

>Rain, tornado, flooding and puddles

May 20, 2011


We had the best rain of the year today!

Siap ada mini tornado lagi tu! But in another suburb about 5 minutes drive from my house.

Dari malam tadi, BOM (which is our jabatan kaji cuaca Smile) dah bagi warning yang there might be a thunderstorm this morning between 6-10 o’clock.

So, The Other Half tak jadi lah naik beskal pergi kerja pagi tadi, he caught the bus and train instead. Which was lucky for him or else memang akan basah kuyup and sejuk menggigil2 lah dia kalau naik beskal.

And the storm came at 8 o’clock when semua orang tengah bersiap nak hantar their children to school. Memang terasa macam kat M’sia aje tadi masa tengah driving in the heavy rain, hehehe. Except that it was freezing cold lah and kena pasang heater in the car Smile.

Punyalah jakunnya we all tengok puddles everywhere and some flooding on the roads. Miss 7 and Miss 12 and their Mum went ooh and aah bila nampak puddles and the ‘rivers’ of water. Ye lah, nak tengok hujan pun susah kat Perth ni, lagi lah banjir kan, hahaha. Nasib baik lah my car tinggi lah jugak so tak lah stuck in the floods.

And the journey to school yang normally will take around 10-12 minutes, pagi tadi took us about 30 minutes. We got stuck at the traffic light at the corner of the school for 10 minutes. Miss 12 dah gabra sebab takut lambat sampai kelas and dapat ‘pink slip’ for being late. I said to her that all the teachers will understand if anyone is late today.

And then when we finally got to the carpark, the walk to Miss 7’s class that took 2 minutes made her kasut lencun. Badan tak basah sebab pakai raincoat but kasut basah kuyup sebab there were puddles everywhere.

Nasib baik her teacher was so nice and made a temporary clothes dryer infront of the wall heater for the students to hang their soaked socks to get dry Open-mouthed smile.

Miss 7 was so happy to take off her shoes and socks and went barefooted in her class tadi, hehehehe. But classes here semua ada wall to wall carpet so tak lah sejuk their feet.

And it had been raining on and off the whole day today.

But instead of masak wintery food, I masak Summer food malam ni Winking smile.

I made oven baked chicken drumsticks guna recipe from here.


And seperti biasa, makan dengan oven baked chips and steamed veges aje.


Our favourite kind of food, simple to cook yet filling Smile.

>Roses galore

May 19, 2011


Hari ni I cuma masak scrambled eggs and bread aje for dinner so instead of tayang makanan orang malas tu, I tayang gambar bunga rose banyak2!

Tadi I pergi rumah Ustazah tu lagi and kali ni instead of mintak izin nak ambik bunga dia, I mintak izin nak ambik gambar bunga dia, hikhikhik. Dia kata, nak ambik gambar pun mintak izin jugak. I kata, mesti lah sebab tak nak lah nanti dia heran tengok I tertonggek2 kat laman rumah dia kan, hahahah.

Layanlah ye gambar some of the roses kat rumah tu.


Ini baru separuh aje, tapi dah macam2 kaler kan.


The really pale pink rose. I just love this colour on the roses!


the pale yellow.

IMG_9501  IMG_9506

The orange ones. I think they are 2 different types sebab the look slightly different kan.


Bunga ros kembang semangkuk Smile.


the red crimson one. Kalau ada secret admirer bagi yang ini, sure hati akan dub dab dub dab, tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah Open-mouthed smile.

IMG_9504  IMG_9503

the dual coloured pink rose which when it blooms, it will become this shape.


Another pink one.


The pale purpe rose.

It was quite windy when I took the photos of the roses this morning, tu sebab ada yg macam slighty blurry a bit.

To all the visitors of this blog,

Sila lah ambil any of the roses above for you to letak kat mana2. Nak print ke, nak letak as your PC background ke (kalau nak lah), nak buat hantaran ke Winking smile.

Jangan segan2 ye! Open-mouthed smile

>PT meeting in high school

May 18, 2011


Esok ada parent teacher meeting at Miss 12’s school so all the students will be ‘released’ early from school so the teachers and parents have the whole afternoon to see each other.

They gave us the info about the parent teacher meeting about 2 weeks ago and the parents have to go online to set the times to meet up with the different teachers. And they say that we might book the appointment times after the students reports been distributed.

Zaman technology kan, mana main telpon2 or tulis surat nak jumpa cikgu. Semua main online aje sekarang ni, hehehe….

I asked The Other Half whether nak buat appointment awal2 dengan any of the teachers tak. The Other Half kata wait until their term progress report comes out baru lah set the appointment. Tunggu punya tunggu, hari Isnin semalam baru dapat the report which we are very happy with. The Other Half siap kata kat Miss 12 kalau she keeps it up throughout the year, he’s definitely buying her something nice.

(What about me? I punya progress report pun sentiasa cemerlang, all rounder gitu, nak lah present jugak, hikhikhik Open-mouthed smileSend a kiss.)

Pastu, we all saje lah went online nak tengok ada tak lagi slots available to see any of the teachers, tengok2, semua slots dah filled up. Nasib baik Miss 12 nya report ok so tak lah rasa terkilan tak dapat jumpa her teachers. What if results dia teruk, macam mana nak jumpa kan since all the times’ taken.

Rasa macam bad parents pulak sebab tak set up times to meet the teachers but how were we supposed to know that you have to book early even before the report comes outSad smile.

All these new things you have to learn when you have kids in high schools kan.

Malam ni I masak baked pasta for dinner.


(it is very difficult to take photos at night time without a good lighting. Dah lah sekarang ni cepat dark.)

I cuma sauteed chopped onions, garlic, chopped zucchini and mushrooms in olive oil until masak, then added some beef mince and cooked until brown. Then I added a jar of pasta sauce and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Then in a bowl, I mix the cooked pasta with the sauce mixture until nicely combined. Then I added chopped up bocconcini cheese into the pasta mixture. I also scattered some bocconcini on top of the pasta.

Pastu, baked it in the oven at 180°C for about 15 minutes.


Bila keluar, jadi lah macam ni.



And bila dah letak kat pinggan masa panas2, nampak lah the steam coming off the pasta and the melted stringy bocconcini between the pasta Smile.

>Why is my handbag heavy?

May 17, 2011


I really have no idea why my handbag is so heavy. Everytime I go to the shops, after about 30 minutes of walking, my right shoulder rasa macam nak tercabut and my right arm rasa macam kebas aje, hikhikhik…

Pastu, terus rasa alangkah best nya kalau lepas shopping, boleh terus pergi berurut. But, if I were to do that, hari2 lah kena berurut nampak gayanya sebab boleh katakan hari2 I pergi the shops, hahahaha….

Kalau dulu, masa The Little Misses baby and toddlers lagi, I can understand bila berat sebab I shoved everything that they need in the bag.

But now, they are already big, my handbag is still so heavy! Heran I, hehehehe….

This are the ‘permanent’ stuff in my handbag..


If you see, mana ada benda berat yang boleh menyengetkan bahu kan. The heaviest is probably my wallet tu. I guess it is berat sebab it has loads of coins in it Open-mouthed smileand coins kat OZ ni are quite heavy jugaklah especially the gold ones. Kalau banyak notes in the wallet, definitely tak berat kan, hehehe. Ini setakat coins aje, memanglah berat giler Smile with tongue out.

And then, occasionally my handbag will have additional things in it like 2 iPods, another set of keys, a DS, food…..

Masa ni memang amat2 nak tercabut my bahu mengangkut the bag.

Nak aje I suruh The Other Half carry my handbag sometimes, heeee…..

(Nasib baik black kan, not pink or pale blue or purple so kalau The Other Half pegang, tak lah dia rasa sungguh2 tak macho kanSmile).

Malam ni I malas nak fikir nak masak apa, I masak kuey teow goreng aje.


For us, I added loads of black and white pepper into it.

But still tak sesedap the black pepper kuey teow noodles I used to have in Kuching satu waktu dulu. The Other Half and I sangat2lah berkenan kat kuey teow goreng kat kantin kat tempat I kerja dulu and everytime he came to Kuching, we would have it everyday for breakfast, hehehe.


Tapi everytime bini dia try to recreate the same kuey teow, memang tak pernah menjadi. There’s always something missing which I dont know what…

>Roses everywhere but not mine

May 16, 2011


Pagi tadi I pergi ke rumah Ustazah yang ajar we all ngaji kat masjid. First time I pergi rumah dia ni padahal 2 minit aje drive from my house, hehehe.

Sampai aje rumah dia, terpegun I tengok all the rose bushes at her house! So many blooming roses and so many rose bushes. Kalau Mak and Abah I tengok, mau agaknya diaorang suruh I mintak anak benih and suruh tanam kat rumah I ni, muahahaha….

I could see all the colours of a 24-crayon box in the rose bushes. Bukan setakat 7 colours of the rainbow aje you, hahahaha. Well, maybe not green or black or brown lah Winking smile.

And I dengan muka tak malunya pergi mintak some flowers to take home, heeee…..

But I only took 8 kuntum aje pun, memang tak luak langsung lah and I took the ones that I think have interesting colours.


I know, I know, I cannot be a florist. Dulu masa ambik subjek gubahan bunga kat KEMAS, I dapat F, muahahaha Winking smile.

The colours that I took were very pale purple, bright yellow, bright orange, pink, peach and dual pink-white.


the orange and the dual coloured roses.


The yellow, peach and dual coloured roses.


The really pale purple rose. The Other Half kata this rose smells like turkish delight, hahaha.


The gorgeous pink rose.

Next time I pergi rumah dia, I’ll ask her if I can take photos of the rose bushes ye.

Dah puas layan gambar the roses, layan gambar dinner we all pulak ye.

I made garlic naan tonite to eat with butter chicken and spiced potato. Tapi tekak I terasa nak makan indian rice but malas nak buat. Nasib baik ada pre-cooked instant vegetable basmathi rice kat dalam pantry tu. I tinggal microwave it for 2 minutes and siap di’masak’ Smile.



The butter chicken I guna recipe from here but I tak marinate the chicken overnight sebab takde masa. I cuma marinated it for 30 minutes aje, hehehe.


And the garlic naan I used this recipe but I replaced the butter with oil and I only used 2 tablespoons of oil. And I baked the naan in 180°C oven instead of grilling it.

>Same old same old….

May 15, 2011


I was saying to The Other Half just now that we tend to eat the same thing for dinner over and over again.

Take tonight for example, we had fish and chips for dinner with salad, again!

Kat rumah ni kan, every week mesti ada chips in the menu, at least once but kadang2 twice a week Smile. Kalau takde chips in a week tu, macam rasa tak lengkap lah our dinners. Sure akan tertanya2 The Little Misses and The Other Half what has happened to the chips Winking smile. And in our freezer, memang sentiasa ada stock chips ni.

Does that mean that the cook in the house jenis yang suka masak benda yang paling sempoi or does it show that kat rumah ni ramai tekak Mat Saleh?

You rasa jawapan yang manalah yang betul agaknya ye, hahahaha….

Tu sebab Mat Saleh ramai yang gumuk2 sebab they selalu makan chips ni and most of them will fry the chips instead of baking it, hahaha. Tak makan nasi pun boleh gemuk kan Winking smile. Pastu, a bag of chips pun sangat lah murah nya and kadang2 tu lagi murah dari harga sekilo kentang.

Dah lah murah, macam2 jenis bentuk chips ada di jual. They have shoestring (french fries), steakhouse, crinkly cut, straight cut, chunky steakhouse, homestyle, seasoned straight cut, wedges, hash brown, curly fries, potato gems and macam2 lagi lah.

Kadang2 I berdiri lama depan freezer kat the shops sebab tak tau nak choose potato chips yang mana satu, hahahahaha.

Jadi untuk orang macam I yang kadang2 agak malas nak prepare dinner, it is so easy to just buy a bag of chips and put them on a tray and shove the tray in the oven. 20-30 minutes later, dah siap the carbs for our dinner.

Kalau I buy a kilo of kentang, nak kena peel dulu, pastu nak kena rebus sekejap dulu, pastu nak kena cut them nicely into chip size and then bake them after that.

Banyak kerja kan and most of the time my home-made chips tak sesedap the bought ones, hahaha!

But I guess like The Other Half said to me, “it’s much better to cook the same thing over and over again and loved by everyone than cook a different new thing everyday but might be rejected by everyone.”

Sometimes I wish I can be like that Julia who cooked every single recipe in the Julia Child’s recipe book. That would be interesting kan!

Tapi sebab tekak orang rumah ni bermacam2 ragam, I think I might have to shelf that thought lah eh. Open-mouthed smile.

Tunggu budak2 ni besar sikit, maybe lah kot kan I can be like that Julia.

But I think I’m not disciplined and committed enough to just follow 1 recipe book……

I like the variety which makes life so much more interesting, hikhikhik….


I told you it’s fish and chips for dinner again. But I made the fish myself and the veges for the salad all came from our garden Smile.

>I can update my blog again! Yippeee… :-)

May 14, 2011


Kesian betul kat blogger2 tegar semalam kan sebab tak dapat berblogging satu hari suntuk.

I wonder berapa ramai yang went through withdrawal symptoms semalam ye? Jari terketar2 mengetuk meja instead of keyboard, air liur meleleh2 sebab tak dapat nak tengok food kat blog orang, badan seram sejuk sebab tengok our post n comments hilang, mata berpinar2 sebab tak duduk depan PC satu hari, hehehehe….. Winking smile

I didn’t mind it that much sebab I wasn’t going to put up an entry semalam so takde hal lah bila Blogger down. Pastu, it’s a free service kan, so sekali sekala jadi benda ni, redho and terima aje lah I Smile. The Blogger team has been good though, working hard to fix the problem (whatever it was).

So now I can update again! Yippeeeeee….

And sinceThursday update didn’t contain any photos, hari ni I letak loads of photos! Winking smile

Hari ni we didn’t go anywhere sebab malas, except The Other Half who had to go to the city for The Career’s Expo.

I pun duduk rumah jadi isteri yang baik, basuh baju, lipat baju menimbun, kemas rumah and main masak2 Smile.

I teringin nak bawak roti pergi Sunday School esok so I made potato bread siang tadi. I guna recipe sumbangan Lily kat MyResipi. This is the link. Tapi custard dia I guna recipe Cik Mat yang ini. Thank you Lily and Cik Mat!

Dapatlah banyak potato bread yang comel2 ni, senanglah budak 2tu nak ngap aje esok kan.


Kenapa jadi bentuk macam ni? Sebab 4 ketul dah kena copet, hehehe….


Gebus sungguh!

Pastu, bila dah siap meroti, I made lemon coconut muffins untuk bagi kat Mak2 kat Sunday school pulak. But gambar tak ambik sebab malas, hahaha.

Dah siap buat muffins, I sambung buat beef kofta pulak untuk makan masa dinner.

But kali ni I skewer the kofta onto these really long metal BBQ skewers. Berkenan sungguh I kat skewers ni because jadi cantik sangat the koftas!



For the beef koftas, I guna recipe from Taste website but I replace coriander leaves tu with mint leaves.

Then, The Other Half jadi tukang masak the koftas on the BBQ.


Punyalah panjang the skewers kan sampai ambik the whole plate, hehehe.


We had the kofta with lebanese bread, garlic yoghurt sauce, sweet chilli sauce, tomato sauce, chopped lettuce and tomatoes.



My plate. When you want to eat it, you just wrap the bread on top of the kofta and pull the skewer out gently.

It was way better than the ones you can buy at the yiros place, hahahaha Winking smile.

>What? no picture, just words?

May 12, 2011


Tonite’s entry is picture-less because:

-Tuan tanah, laki tuan tanah and anak2 tuan tanah pi makan kat luar. Ala, kat food court aje so bukan gempak pun so tu yang takde gambar Smile.

– Lepas habis makan, Tuan tanah pi temankan laki dia shopping baju! Tuan tanah siap masuk dalam the men’s changing room lagi sebab menemankan laki dia tried the clothes on! Hikhikhikhik….. (Laki dia yang ajak masuk tau, bukan Tuan tanah yang mengada2 merengek2 nak masuk Smile). The Litte Misses masa ni dah awal2 melencong pergi the toys section so terselamat lah diaorang dari kena sama2 masuk ke dalam the men’s changing room, hahaha.

-Lepas habis shopping baju, pi shopping his grooming and toiletries stuff pulak. Kalau bini dia yang shopping, whatever nice toiletries that are on sale, itu lah yang I akan sambar (minah cheapskate kan!). Bila laki Tuan tanah gi shopping, he likes everything to smell the same, dari body wash, ke after shave ke deodorant! Now ni, he’s loving the smell of Imperial Leather Original so dia nak ada 1 set at home and 1 set at work to use on the days he rides to work and mandi at work. (Nasib baik lah cuma Imperial Leather aje kan so tak lah bangkrap we all, hahahaha….).

-Pastu balik rumah, dah pukul 8.30 malam (awal lagi for Malaysians but for us dah larut malam tu, hehehe). Terus siap2 nak masuk tidur dah Smile.

-Tuan tanah tak beli anything untuk dia langsung tadi….

(Psst… sebab Tuan tanah dah beli clothes for her pagi tadi masa dia pergi shopping sorang2, hahahahaha).

-Hari ni is a no-sental day for me, tu yang pergi shopping sakan, heeeeee….