> The 1o ooo hit!

When I first started my own blog in January 2008, tak sangka and tak terfikir yang 1 day it’ll get to 10 000 hits sebab masa tu angka 10 000 tu rasa macam jauh sangat and lama sangat nak capai. But pejam celik pejam celik, tadi tengok the bean counter, dah nak dekat sangat nak sampai that magical number! Terkejut lah juga, hehehe…..

To everyone who reads this blog, daily or kadang2 or jarang2 or just this once, families and friends I ‘met’ and got to know on the cyberspace, jutaan terima kasih from me to you for making my blog what it is now. Without each and everyone of you, memang akan senyap sunyi lah my blog ni. Tangkap sayu sekejap, hehehehe……

So, as a token of gratitude, I ingat nak bagi cenderahati to the person who is my 10 000th hit. So, anyone of you who happens to be the lucky person, kalau boleh take a photo of your pc screen and email it to me sebagai bukti 😉 so takdelah nanti yang bising2…. Doesn’t matter if you are in Outer Siberia, I can still post the cenderahati to you, hahaha….

So, good luck people. I hope it’s one of you daily readers because you guys so deserve it…


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