>Weh, I’m mentally exhausted hari ni, nasib baik ada my trusted lists, so tak lah sampai tahap maksima peningnya :-). Mana kan tak penat nya, malam tadi we all balik lambat, nearly 11 o’clock (well, late for us anyway) sebab pergi dinner at a friend’s house so dah balik lambat, mana lah larat nak start packing malam tadi kan. So, pagi ni lah baru terhegeh2 went through all the clothes drawers cari baju the little misses to pack. I like going on holidays but I really hate packing because there are so many things to do! My house today dah mcm tongkang pecah, with suitcases everywhere and piles of things everywhere on the floor. Nasib baik lah our flight is at nite tomorrow so masih lah ada masa nak kemas rumah sikit before going away and masih lah ada masa lagi nak siapkan last minute packing. Some people are so good at packing that they can pack the minimum amount of clothes to go on holidays. Unfortunately, I’m not one of these lucky people. I selalunya akan pack so many clothes and then end up not using half of the clothes I packed. Nasib baik lah weather kat M’sia tu sentiasa summer so tak lah payah susah2 nak pack jackets and all the thick clothes as well. Maybe kalau I was travelling alone without the kids, bolehlah kot travel light. Ini satu suitcase aje dah penuh dgn baju diaorang, macam nak berjualan baju kat pasar malam aje gaya nya, hehehe…. The other half keeps on asking, “are you done?”, I just roll my eyes at him everytime dia tanya!

Last nite pulaknya I didn’t sleep well coz of my dreams yang memenatkan. I always have this dreams before going on holidays, I don’t know if other people have it too. Maybe it’s just me being neurotic! Ok, nak cerita sikit about my pre-holiday dreams. Selalunya this dream will start off with me being already at the holiday destination. Dream malam tadi I was already in Malaysia at my parents’ house chatting with them about the flight and what not. Then, someone wanted to see the oleh2 that I got for them so I pun pergilah bukak my suitcases. When I opened them (jeng jeng, music suspense sikit masa ni), tengok oleh2 semua safe in the suitcases, semua complete but yang harunya all the little misses clothes I lupa nak pack. Satu baju pun takde for them to wear. Masa tu terus tension giler I sebab fikirkan all the nice clothes I left behind sebab I lupa nak pack. And then, it was one of those dreams yang susah betul nak wake up from it. Bila dapat bangun lepas mimpi tu, happy aje sebab I was still in my bed. Phew! Tu yg pagi2 morning terus pack the little misses clothes into the suitcase, hehehe…. Manalah tau kan :-). I wonder what this says about my personality!

Yang gelaknya, all the presents and gifts and clothes for other people ingat pulak tu nak pack in that dream.


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