>Since Telkom Malaysia still still hasn’t replaced the cable LG is still in communicado from the rest of the world. But she has managed to call me from a mobile and is going to dictate her blog to me (you can’t imagine how happy I am to be spending my time in Adelaide acting as a secretary while she is living it up in Kampung). By the way she has said she isn;t going to spell any of the Malay words because I should know a Malay by now.

“Hello everyone, guess what happened to me today at the Pasa Malam. An old lady came up to Miss 9 and started pinching her cheek saying ‘Cantik’. Turning to me she said ‘sapa ni?’ ‘Adik ke?’ I said ‘tah lah anak saya’ and the lady said with a look of disbelief ‘tepulah ta kan anak!’. It’s either I look so young to be their mum which is good I guess [yeah right!] or I look so different [yeah lah they look like me!] which I think is probably the reason. No matter what I said she wouldn;t beleive me, even when I said to Miss 9 ‘who am I’ and she said’my mum!’. And then the old lady asked me ‘deaorang tingal ka mana?’. I answered ‘ka Ustraliah’. But what really peeved me was then she said ‘Oh awak ikot deaorang duduk sana jaga budak budak ni’. I replied indignantly ‘Lah… masti lah! Dah ermak dia, tak kan tak ikot’ [I original wrote ikan but I don’t think that makes sense]. And then I rolled my eyes, but in the end my mum had to tell her before she would believe.

I think my secretary is getting tired of writing for me [you bet I am], but I want to thank him for helping me [she hasn’t read it yet], and I miss writing my blog very much. Please hang in there the quality will improve when the internet is available here [thanks alot, maybe they like my writing]. Just ignore anything my other half tells you that I haven’t told him to tell you, it’s all lies. If he wrote anything rude in Malay it’s not what I said, he just can’t spell [I am here you know].”

LG wanted me to add that you should rate my Malay, I would rather you didn’t, I have enough trouble with English. But they sound like they are having fun. The kids having got so excited about going are kind of waiting for the exciting stuff to start. But the weekend should be good with all the cousins coming. Hopefully the internet will be up soon, because I sure am not going to play secretary every night (not unless I can wear the dress and high heels). Sorry if anything didn’t make sense.



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