Aduih, I have no idea maling maling/bajingan/pencuri suwey kat kampung ni begitu productive. Baru seminggu phone line ni bernyawa, dah kena curi balik the phone cable. Maybe they just loovvve the phone cables kat Ijok ni, tu yang asik kena curi aje! Nasib baik lah orang kampung ni bukan yang jenis suka saman menyaman, so tak lah Telekom susah payah nak rush to fix the problem. Ini boleh online pun sebab guna 3G phone, kalau tak, memang lah tak boleh nak buat apa, gerammmmmnya!!!!!!

Anyway, to everyone wo wished me a happy birthday, thank you so very much. Bukan tak nak reply to all your comments and wishes but due to the above problem,everything had to go on hold. I wanted to post an entry on Saturday sempena my birthday of the little misses singing me a birthday song in Malay ( hehehe..) but disebabkan bajingan tak bertata susila tu, terpaksa lah kena postponed. Then, I wanted to try uploading the video tonite but it was 50Megabytes… I think it will take forever to upload so sekarang ni if you asked me what mood I’m in, the answer will be ‘ bengang+geram+ tension’.

So, since tak boleh nak upload the video, kita story mory lah dulu ye…. The other half got here safely on Saturday sempena my bday (perasan sekejap he came here specifically because of it, hehehe). The little misses were so hapy to see the Dad and so was I :-). Didn’t do anything much over the weekend except spending time showing the mat saleh the kebun and the little misses showing off and teaching Daddy how to climb trees and using the lastik ;-). We also had a big makan2 at my parents’ house on Sunday to celebrate 4 bdays together. My mak masak all the dishes and I cuma masak the cakes and desserts, ok lah kan tu since I’m still on holidays :-). It’s good enough that I made 3 types of cakes! Barulah my adik beradik percaya I can cook and I did cook all the food I showed on my blog :-). But biasalah kan, bila dah busy, lupa pulaknya nak ambil gambar lauk pauk yang di masak tu and the cakes. But I think everyone enjoyed the makan2.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Melaka for a well earned holiday. Saje je nak bawak the little misses to see the historical sites, Mini Malaysia, the crocodile farm maybe, and nak bawak diaorang naik beca, hehehe…. I guess I wont be blogging for a few days while I’m away. Hopefully by the time we get back, the phone line will be working again so I can upload the holiday photos, sigh…….

Once again, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I really do feel sangat2 lah terharunya that my cyber friends did luangkan masa ucapkan bday wish for me. Dah tua rupanya I ni, hehe. I do feel my age at times but I guess in the other half’s eyes, I am always young 🙂 :-), wakakakakaka……


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