Tonite’s dinner was half leftovers and half non-leftovers. Spag Bol from the other nite ada banyak lagi but not enough to feed all 4 of us (well 5 since the other half always eats for two, hahahaha). Kalau dia tau baca Malay ni, mampuih I sebab kata dia makan banyak, wehkehkehkeh. So, I had to make up another dish for tonite’s dinner. I wanted to make sempoi pizza but malas nak buat the pizza dough. So, I browsed Taste and found a recipe for ham, pineapple and cheese scrolls yang guna scone dough as the base. Tapi sebab malas nak menggulung, I just rolled the dough out flat and sapu pizza sauce, tabur poloni, pineapple and grated cheese on it and baked it. Rupa dia sama mcm pizza but the base tastes like scones. It’s really good actually! And it didn’t take long to make it, which is the most important bit for me :-).

Spag bol tu pulak I sauteed onions,some more poloni and then masukkan the leftover spag bol until all heated through. Pastu tambah sour cream and then tabur grated cheese lagi and grill it sekejap. See, that’s why lah our cheese consumption can go up to 1 kg a week, semua tabur cheese nak bagi tambah sedap, hehehehe…..

This is Miss 4 3/4 this morning on her way to the Shipwrecked Museum in Fremantle with her classmates. They were dressed as pirates sebab pergi Shipwrecked Museum kan, hehehe. The other half volunteered to be the parent helper since he didn’t have any classes today. He said, “that’s the first and last time I’m going with them on any excursion!” He said some of the kids were real brats! Memang jenis tak dengar cakap and very very naughty. I have no idea how the teachers cope with those sort of kids. Kalau I lah jadi cikgu diaorang, memang lah hari2 my BP naik, hehehehe.

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  1. Flower Says:

    I pernah chaperone kan budak2 sekolah ni pergi excursion. Mmg tak sanggup. This year tak pernah buat lagi sbb dah ckp pd cikgu siang2. My anak nanti kalau I ikut, naik tocang pulak dia. Tolong2 dlm class tu I sanggup. Kalau keluar, sila jemput org lain ….. 🙂

  2. ayongdedek Says:

    salam LG,

    seronok baca blog u, menarik!
    so.. tulis byk2 no… he he he
    interesting blog and lots of stuff can be learn from this blog esp about food n life in foreign country.


  3. Intan Rosnitta Says:

    At first I thought ada new member dlm fmly u! *wink* Rupanya Mr. LG yg makan double… hihi 😛

    I pun sama, mmg x leh jadi cikgu. Lemah jantung dibuatnya!

    Hahaha 😀

  4. VG Says:

    Hi LG…Great blog and to celebrate it, pls collect your award from my blog.

    BTW…cute kids.

  5. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Mallan,
    tu lah kan, nasib baik I keje klu tak sure kena jadi chaperone gak semlm. Tak sanggup I nak jaga anak2 arab ni, nakal nya lain pesen betul!

    Salam Ayongdedek,

    Slalunya bila I rajin tu yg tulis bnyk2. Tp bila tgh malas, mmng lah malas nak tulis, hehehe. Rajin2 lah singgah sini ye :-).

    My hubby tu klu makan mmng sentiasa mcm tgh berbadan dua, wahkahkah. Sian u ‘tertipu’ kjap :-). I klu jadi cikgu, sian anak2 org asik kena marah aje dgn I sbb tak sabar.

    Hi VG,
    Are u back already? Thanks for the awards you’ve been giving me.

  6. VG Says:

    You are welcome LG…Vin balik malam semalam. BTW Happy Ramadan.

  7. lemongrass Says:

    Hi VG,
    thanks for the Ramadhan wish. I thought it was Mr G blogging on yr behalf, hahaha…

  8. AlifZuhdi Says:

    saya suka sgt miss 5..muka hampir sama ngan my first daughter..when i look at her name..double shocked!!nama dorg sama..zahra..anyway, my doter is zahraa

  9. AlifZuhdi Says:

    i used my hubby’s blog account

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