Miss 4 3/4 and I didn’t get a good nite sleep last nite. She was sick, again! Kesian dia, the whole nite, she threw up every hour. At first, she threw up her dinner, after that, she just dry retched most of the time. Kesian betul tengok dia sebab muka lemah sgt, dgn tak cukup tidur lagi. So, since Mummy yg kena berjaga malam tadi with Miss 4 3/4, Mummy pun teramatlah penatnya hari ni sebab tak cukup tidur jugak. The whole day today, Miss 4 3/4 tak lalu makan langsung which is a real worry for Miss 4 3/4 who loves her food. I hope it’s just a 24 hour stomach bug which is so common during winter. Sebab semlm the Little Misses spent quite a long time at the pool so maybe she caught something there. Miss 9 is as healthy as anything, dia jarang sgt2 sakit ni eventhough she’s a fussy eater. I think it’s because with Miss 9, since she was a baby I sent her to nursery so she’s caught every bug known to kids (well, most of it anyway :-)) so now she’s quite immuned to a lot of things. While Miss 4 3/4 since she was a baby, I looked after her and tak join langsung dgn other babies or kids until dia masuk sekolah. So, kiranya baru skrg lah dia berkenal2an dgn all this germs. Tu yg slalu sgt sakit. Ini pun, baru aje threw up again. Oh well, another sleepless night for all 3 of us. The other half said he’ll take turns tonite to look after Miss 4 3/4 so I could have a few hours of unbroken sleep.

Ok lah, I better temankan Miss 4 3/4 tidur and get some shut eyes myself until the next bout of throwing up. Saje nak post photo of our dessert tonite for the other half’s book celebration.

Pavlova with grated choc , strawberries and cream :-). takpe, kejap lagi puasa, lemak2 from tonite will hopefully ‘disappear’, hehehe….


3 Responses to “”

  1. gee carmen Says:

    nampak sedaaaaappp mende tuh. huhuuuu…. nyum2

    selamat berpuasa ye.
    nanti bulan pose jangan lupe update blog tau…

    salam sayang,

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Gee,
    Selamat berpuasa utk Gee as well. Bulan puasa ni lah terasa makin nak masak mcm2 especially weekend sbb segala benda kempunan nak mkn,hehehe…

  3. Flower Says:

    Ala kesian anak ngan mak. Ni tentu kena ekor2 virus winter ni. :(. Spt biasa, anak sakit mak yg tak cukup tidur. Tapi rasa2nye spring dah mula. Pagi2 bangun dah dgr burung berkicau dan bunga2 dah siap berbunga.

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