It seems like baru semalam we celebrated Ramadhan and Eid 2007. Pejam celik, it’s going to be upon us again Insyaallah tomorrow. This will be my 14th year berpuasa di perantauan, dah lama jugak kan, hmmm…..

So, sempena kedatangan bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ni, my family and I wish our Malaysian family, all the readers of my blog, all my cyber friends, everyone out there who knows us and all your families a peaceful, joyful, prosperous and pleasant Ramadhan. May Allah accept our good deeds and our ibadah in this holy month. Please accept our sincerest and humblest apologies for any wrongdoing, written and verbal. May Allah fill our hearts with humility, forgiveness, compassion and strengthen our iman, insyaAllah.


2 Responses to “”

  1. xentari Says:

    Selamat Berpuasa buat K.LG sekeluarga.. 🙂

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Xentari,
    selamat b’puasa sama. Dah ada tinggal? hehe

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