First day of Ramadhan was quite eventful in the house. The other half woke up for sahur this morning throwing his gut up, he’s caught what Miss 4 3/4 got on Friday nite. Setiap setengah jam he had to rush to ‘hug’ the toilet bowl. Dia kata now he knows how Miss 4 3/4 felt like on Friday nite when she was really sick. Kalah muntah and pening orang mengandung, hehehe. So today, only Miss 9 and I aje yang berpuasa. I really hope and pray yang Miss 9 and I tak kenalah this stomach bug. Kesian tengok the other half lembik aje today, tak lalu langsung nak telan apa2. Luckily Miss 4 3/4 dah sihat sepenuhnya :-).

Since we all 2 orang aje yg puasa, when I asked Miss 9 what she wants for iftar, dia kata dia nak kuih keria and burger n chips. Senang kerja Mummy, hehehe. Miss 4 3/4 pulaknya nak noodles so I made keria, burger n chips and mee hailam. The other half still tak lalu nak makan apa2, loya aje tekak dia he said, hehehe….

Mee hailam terlebih kuah :-).


2 Responses to “”

  1. moon Says:

    cantikla anak u yang sulong tu…suka moon tengok

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Moon,
    ramai yg berkenan tengok muka dia tu, sbb nmpk chinese sikit :-).

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