>Menu berbuka hari ni: kurma, jemput2 pisang, pasta n sausages.

Sepatutnya awal2 puasa ni lah rasa excited sgt nak masak segala benda and nak cuba all the new recipes I haven’t tried yet but since the other half yang tukang makan is sick, terus hilang mood nak masak anything special for berbuka. Last nite’s dinner pun banyak berlebih sebab takde yang nak menghabiskan. And I don’t eat much anyway selalunya, so masa puasa ni lagilah kurangnya. I have to remember to cook less during Ramadhan or else we’ll be wasting lots of food which is so against the meaning of Ramadhan. Hopefully our grocery bills will go down as well this month :-).

Speaking of grocery bills, ours range around $600-$700 a month which includes everything we buy at the supermarkets. From kitchen stuff to bathroom to laundry to household stuff, kira semuanya lah termasuk dlm bill tu. Our pantry is always full and kadang2 tu sampai overflowing, hehehe. So I’m not sure if our monthly grocery bill is considered excessive or just average. But itu belum masuk other bills lagi. But so far, we’ve always managed to put money aside every month for rainy days and for the Little Misses’ savings. I guess we rarely eat out so that cuts down a lot on our expenses. Kalau duduk Malaysia, eating out ni lah yang dulu banyak menghabiskan duit we all, hehehe, but grocery bills masa tu tak lah banyak mana sebab jarang masak kan :-).

Setiap kali tiba bulan Ramadhan, itulah azam we all, tak nak berbelanja lebih2 kat supermarkets but selalunya memang tak tercapai lah. Sebab bila dah nak dekat raya, masa tu lah I nak beli macam2 sebab kononnya nak buat mcm2 jenis biskut n kuih and raya dishes. But kadang2 tu, bahan2 dah siap beli tapi buatnya tak jugak, hahahaha…….

So, what’s your grocery bills like? As high as mine ke or much lower or higher?


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