The other half is leaving for Melbourne tonite for a meeting there esok pagi. Then after the meeting, he’s flying off to Singapore straight from Melbourne. Monday morning baru balik Perth. Ini baru betul2 high flyer,hehehe. Weekend ni cuma the Little Misses and I ajelah kat rumah. Maybe I should start our raya biscuit making this weekend since it’s going to be 2 more weeks after that to Raya. Yeah right, and maybe pigs will fly too! God, I’m just so unmotivated this year to start all the Raya preparations. Macamlah selama ni, prepare beria2 pun,hehehe. In a way, I like raya di perantauan sebab for me it’s not that hectic. I do miss seeing all my families masa raya but I don’t miss all the house visiting which I think is so tiring. I’d rather stay at home tunggu orang datang aje, hehehe.

Can’t be bothered to talk about food tonite. So, layan lah gambar the other half and Miss soon-to-be-5 on the computer yesterday. When I got home from work, I saw the other half sitting infront of the Little Misses’ computer (he was supposed to be working from home yesterday) playing games. Then, when the Little Misses got back from school, Miss soon-to-be-5 played on her computer as well. Guess what games both of them were playing? SHAUN THE SHEEP! It’s a kid’s TV show. The other half loves the story so much, he said it’s hilarious! And the Little Misses pun suka sgt tengok cerita tu kat TV. I still haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

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  1. siti aishah Says:

    Akak, saya pon suka sgt tgk katun/claymation Shaun the Sheep tuh..mmg kelakar abeh…tp tak tau plak dia ada game. Kene cari nih..
    Btw, akak keje ape eh? selama ni saya ingt akak housewife (sorry eh for asking this dumb question..)

  2. amisah Says:

    jom jom… buat kuih raya ramai-ramai weekend ni!

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Siti Aishah,
    Bukan setakat game aje,siap ada official site lagi for Shaun the Sheep, hehehe.My hb siap buat wallpaper lagi on his PC, teruk betul! Akak keje admin aje, casually during school hours :-).

    Hi Amisah,
    Bila u dah siap buat kuih raya, poskan lah 1-3 balang ke sini ye,hehehe.

  4. amisah Says:

    saya buat pineapple tart…
    tp, takut kang kirim akak dpt habuk jer πŸ™‚

  5. lemongrass Says:

    Hehehe Amisah,
    habuk pineapple tart sedap tak? πŸ™‚

  6. plug2pin Says:

    my feveret shaun the sheep tu

  7. lemongrass Says:

    Hi plug2pin,
    Boleh join the fan club, hahaha

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