Alhamdulillah, another birthday celebration over and done with. No more birthday parties to think about for this year. That’s the good thing about having only 2 kids, tak payah selalu2 sangat sibuk2 nak celebrate birthdays. Yang paling penting, tak lah pening kepala nak fikir camner nak buat all the different and funny shaped birthday cakes, hahahaha. Kalau Mummy n Daddy jenis creative, ok lah jugak kan, ini dapat Mummy n Daddy yang betul2 keras tangan :-).

So, what happened today. We woke up early to prepare all the last minute stuff for the party. The birthday girl and the sister pun bangun awal jugak sebab excited teramat but they were given strict instruction not to make any mess sebab Mummy dah penat kemas and vacuum satu rumah. Since, diaorang takut Mummy cancelled the party kalau they make any mess, they were very well behaved, hehehe. The Little Misses also helped Mummy finished decorating the birthday cake which they were so proud off :-). Child labour is quite cheap in this household ;-).

I assume some of you have already guessed the theme of the birthday party that Miss 5 chose this year. It’s Butterfly party! I was so thankful that Miss 5 chose a very simple ‘animal/insect’ to copy, hahahaha. I managed to persuade her to think ‘small’ for her birthday theme so senang lah Mummy nak buat :-).

Menu for the party:

Buterfly fairy bread, prawn fritters, chips, mini meat pies, sausage rolls, vanilla slice and the birthday cake. The little guests also got to take home some goodie bags. For the adults yang datang, I gave them nasi impit with rendang and kuah kacang, yang I froze from Raya haritu, wehkehkehkeh. I don’t know what I would do without my freezers :-).

The goodie bags for the little guests.

The verdict: I think the birthday girl and her little guests really enjoyed the party, and it was really good to see them happily having fun. And as usual, I over provided the food so adalah berlebih2 lagi tu. But luckily semua boleh difreeze so tak lah nak termuntah2 we all kena habiskan all the food in the next few days, hehehe.

Some of the photos from today, I’ll post the birthday song esok lah ye since her birthday is tomorrow anyway, hehehehe.

The really cute butterfly cake that we made ( in our opinion anyway. nak jual memang tak cukup tinggi the standard but setakat nak buat birthday party the Little Misses i think memang dah cukup bagus lah kan!).

Mummy nak tumpang tayang muka sekejap ;-).

Upacara membuka hadiah :-).

The birthday girl kepenatan, she was so soundly asleep that she didn’t even wake up when i went into her room to take this photo :-). Don’t they look angelic when they are sleeping!


6 Responses to “”

  1. Tulip Merah Says:


    Makin besar makin comel….

  2. Flower Says:

    Happy birthday adik. Rajin mommy buat kek.

    For me, next month I kena bake 4 cake at one go. matilah gini, kena bake and ice the cake. 2 cake utk sekolah and 2 cake utk kat rumah. Kalau diaorg nak celebrate, kenalah buat lagi 2. I wish my anak2 tak lahir one day after the other. My Omar lahir 21 Nov and my Hana 22 Nov dan dua2 nak kek besar2. :-0

  3. Siti Khuzaimah Says:

    Happy Birthday for Zahra…da besar da…kejap lagi jadik anak dara ler tu…hhuhuuhuu…cantik kek yg mummy buat…rajin yer kak min…pas ni bole ler saya order kek dgn kak min:)))

  4. lemongrass Says:

    Thanks Auntie Eeta,
    bila dah besar ni muka dia takberubah sgt,hehehe.

    Takpelah sbb u kan dah pandai decorate kek nowadays.Why dont u make cupcakes n decorated them really prettily with yr icing for school?Snng sikit nak mkn. But 4 tu bnyk wei,hehehe.

    Mummy terpaksa rajin sbb dia dah mintak kan.Klu tak buat, sian pulak n nak beli kek ntah apa2 rasanya n tak tau what’s inside. Buat sendiri lagi puas hati. Boleh aje nak order dgn I,tp tak cantik lah,hehehe.

  5. Flower Says:

    Sayang oi… I dah tanya my anak2 samada I boleh buat cupcakes. Diaorg tak nak. Diaorg nak yg BIG CAKE with decoration. Memilih tu. Nanti kalau buat cupcakes siap lah ribut nanti.

  6. lemongrass Says:

    wahkahkahkah. Anak2 u tau yg Mummy diaorg skrg terer buat kek n decorate kek tu yg nak kek besar2 terus. Tak tidur mlm lah ye u menghias kek nanti :-).

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