Happy birthday dearest daughter. We wish you happiness and good health for ever. May you grow up to be the person you always dream to be (not sure about becoming a fairy though, you might be a bit disappointed ;-)). And always remember that we will always unconditionally love you no matter what.

The birthday song from yesterday.

Layan gambar Miss 5 from birth to now, from bald headed baby to the mass of curly-haired girl she is now. From a wrinkly ‘ugly’ baby to a gorgeous adorable girl (we think so anyway, hahaha). From a baby who couldn’t sleep unless held to a girl who loves sleeping in her own bed. From a baby who used to suck her 2 fingers to a girl who still sucks her thumb! From a cry baby to a still occasionally ‘gembeng’ baby :-).

A few hours after she was born.

At 3 months, sleeping soundly when held.

At 9 months, a cheeky little baby.

At 1 y.o. – Go all Blacks!

At 1 1/2 y.o., one of the pictures taken for her passport photos. Sikit punya susah dah nak suruh dia duduk diam!

At 2 y.o.

At 2 1/2 y.o. -still cheeky as anything.

At 3 – posing for a family photo, hahaha.

At 4, one of her wishes is to be a fairy, kids!


10 Responses to “”

  1. Intan Rosnitta Says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Zahra dearie.

    Stay cute always!

  2. Mommy Lily Says:

    Happy birthday sayang yg cute…

    semoga membesar menjadi anak yg berguna dan baik2 saje…:-D

  3. sheri Says:

    Happy Birthday dearest little Zahra, mommy and daddy must be very proud of you. They grow soo fast don’t they..?

  4. lemongrass Says:

    Thank you Intan, Mommy Lily n Sheri for the wishes. Zahra was so happy to be a big girl already! Hehehe…. She’s been waiting for this moment since Alya had her b’day party, sikit nya lama ke dia tunggu :-).

  5. Flower Says:

    Love her sleeping photos. Very angelic. I think semua baby looks so angelic masa diaorg tidur. Samalah ngan my anak2. Tapi bila diaorg jaga, tu lain cerita. Kkdg boleh giller kita dia buatnye…

  6. apple Says:

    selamat hari lahir zahra. semoga membesar n jadi anak solehah ye..
    p/s: LG, kite nak pinjam rambut zahra, bagi kat ziya.. boleh? hihi


  7. Tulip Merah Says:


    happy birthday dari nabeela dan nadeea… birthday nadeea sehari sebelum raya.. sibuk suruh nenek buat kek…

  8. lemongrass Says:

    masa tidur mmng baik kan,hehehe….bila dah bangun, bnyk2 sabar aje lah :-).

    Skrg snng nak dpt rambut mcm tu, masuk aje salon n keluar duit, terus dpt rambut curly mcm maggi, hehehe….

    nenek buat kek apa utk nadeea? sudah semestinya kek coklat ye,hehehe…. Happy belated bday to Nadeea, nanti Mummy angah simpan dulu hadiah nya ye :-).

  9. Hazel Says:

    Happy belated b'day to Lil'Zahra.Fm Aunty Hazel & Family.

  10. lemongrass Says:

    TQ so much Hazel,
    She said she’s not little anymore, hehehe.

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