I didnt go to work today and I wont be going to work esok sebab I have to look after the Little Misses these 2 days. Tomorrow will be their last day of school holidays (woohooo!!! :-)) so since I ni ibu mithali, I look after them today instead of the other half :-). Actually the other half has seminars and lectures the whole day today and esok tu yg dia tak boleh jaga the Little Misses. And since my work is so flexi, I lah yang kena jaga them, lucky me, hehehehe…..

So, what did I do with them today? I took them grocery shopping, shopping for unnecessary kitchen stuff :-), and window shopping in the morning. Sekali sekala I have a free morning during the weekdays so of course lah I akan pergi shopping kan even if I have to drag the Little Misses along. But since they were well behaved and weren’t complaining too much when I dragged them to all the shops, I took them to the playground afterwards. So, they were happy and Mummy was happy too :-). So, layan gambar the Little Misses at the playground.

And our dinner tonite, sticky ginger chicken and stir-fry vegies with japanese rice. Sekali sekala makan nasi ni sedap jugak kan, hahahahahaha ;-).


3 Responses to “”

  1. Intan Rosnitta Says:

    Semua well behaved. Lepas ni boleh ikut mommy shopping lagi.

    Hehe ;D

  2. Flower Says:

    Jelesnye you gi shopping. I pulak hari ni berperang ngan penyapu dan mop. Kemas rumah sbb esok ada inspection. Bad timing tul sbb biasalah bila budak2 cuti sekolah ni, rumah bagaikan tongkang pecah. So hari ni, mommy very strict. No toys and no mess. Boleh tgk tv or main games saja. Sekali sekala diaorg tolong jugak mommy, especially bila kena threaten toy akan msk tong.

    Esok ingatkan lepas hantar diaorg ke sekolah nak gi therapy jap. Retail therapy nak pamper diri sbb kemas rumah.

  3. lemongrass Says:

    memang slalu pun diaorang ikut but I lagi suka shopping sorang2, segala kedai boleh jenguk n segala benda boleh belek lama2, hehehe.

    How did it go? Maknanya I punya inspection pun tak lama lagi lah, tension betul! Where did u go for your retail therapy? Beli apa2 tak? hehehe

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