The weather has cooled down a bit, alhamdulillah but still no thunderstorm or even a tiny drop of rain as predicted by the BOM. Probably all the rain clouds from here dah pergi bercuti to Malaysia sebab I heard kat KL sekarang ni tengah ada persidangan ribut petir sedunia tiap2 petang :-). Dah lah tiket AirAsia tgh murah pulak nya ye, hehehe….. ;-).

Anyway, changing the subject completely. Miss 5 came home on Monday after school telling me that she had finished all her lunch during lunch time at school and that she was still hungry afterwards. So she told her teacher that she was still hungry. Then the teacher told her, ‘when you go home, tell your mom that you are still growing now and you need lots of food.” Eh eh leh, punyalah buat malu Mummy aje Miss 5 ni. I feel like I’m such a bad Mum for not giving her kids enough food at school but if you look at what Miss 5 has for lunch everyday, memang lah banyak betul, the same amount of food as her sister! But Miss 9 tak pernah pulak komplen tak cukup makan, hehehe…… Luckily the teachers know me well and they know that Miss 5 realy likes her food so tak lah malu sangat, hahahaha. So, since semalam, I made sure I bekalkan her extra food for lunch. And bila I tanya dia tadi, cukup tak her lunch now. She said, ‘ it’s just right Mummy!”. If you see what I put in her lunch box, memang lah tak padan dengan saiz dia, I think even I will find it very filling for me! I don’t know where she puts all the food though, hehehehe.

For tomorrow’s lunch, she’s already asked for leftovers from tonite’s dinner :-). Dinner tonite, I made spag bol for the Little Misses and crabmeat n scallop fettucine for me n the other half. Our fettucine ada chilli so tu yg I made spag bol for the kids. The fettucine was a real fusion dish because as perencah I added a bit of taucu to the garlic and chilli so it gave a bit of oomph but not that strong. Mana lah ada orang masak pasta letak taucu kan, hehehehe, but since tekak orang rumah ni semua dah go fusion abis so tu yang tambah taucu. I guess the taucu has a similar ‘job’ as the anchovies yang a lot of Mat Salehs put in their pasta, to add a depth of flavour to the bland pasta.

The brown things are mushrooms :-). Can you see the scallops? Hehehehe….


3 Responses to “”

  1. Flower Says:

    Oh, tmpt u tak hujan ye. My tempat tadi around 10.05am adalah setitik dua. Betul2 setitik dua. Buat basah my windscreen je.:)

  2. Intan Rosnitta Says:

    Thanks LG. I'm ok. Cuma penat & sakit2 badan…

  3. lemongrass Says:

    hari ni barulah hujan sikit,but still very warm kan and humid.Teringat cam kat m’sia aje :-).

    Hi Intan,
    Alhamdulillah u dah ok sikit, just take care and have a good rest ok.

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