>Daylight saving will start tomorrow in WA which means we’ll lose an hour of sleep tonite. This will be the third year of daylight saving in WA of a 3 year trial period starting in December 2006. Then this issue will be debated again in parliament to see if it will stay or not. I’m on the fence in regards to daylight saving, I like having sunlight until nearly 9 at night because it feels like there’s more time to go out and about at night, but it plays havoc on the Little Misses’ sleep though. Ye lah kan, selalunya they’ll be sleeping at 7.30-8 at night and it’s already dark but with daylight saving they’ll be sleeping when the sun’s still up! tapi us the biggies, tak kisah pun, boleh aje tidur bebila, hehehe.

But what I don’t like about it is it’s too long! From October to March, that’s 5 months of the year our clock is screwed up, hmmm….. I guess that’s the ‘joy’ of living in a 4-season country. So, all kawan2 bloggers yang tinggal in WA, don’t forget to set your clock forward an hour at 2:00 am ye or else adalah yang nanti pergi kerja or school or appointment on Monday lambat 1 hour, hehehe.


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