We had a wonderful day today. Woke up feeling a bit disoriented with the time because of daylight saving, hehehehe. Then went out to Burswood park for a farewell potluck picnic for Miss 5’s classmate who’s going to Medan to live for a few years. She’s definitely going to miss this girl because she’s quite chummy with this girl at school. The weather was just wonderful for a picnic today, it was warm with a nice gentle breeze blowing. Luckily I’m already ‘tan’, so tak payahlah susah2 nak sunbathing today ;-). The Little Misses had so much fun with their friends playing in the playground, collecting rock oysters by the river, climbing trees and watching the speedboats go by today. And I had fun eating and eating and eating and chatting with the mums :-). Terlupa pulak nya nak ambil gambar all the food on the groaning picnic table today sebab I was too busy stuffing myself, ha..ha…ha… I think the other half had a good time too.

Miss 5 with her best friend. Her best friend is only a 1/4 mat saleh but muka lagi mat saleh dari Miss 5 yg 1/2 mat saleh, hehehe…..

First time ever I had the Little Misses dressed in the same dress. Selama ni memang lah tak pernah rasanya I gave them the same clothes to wear except raya time. Even the other half commented on it sebab dia pun tak pernah tengok his daughters wear the same clothes together, hehehe. I said to him, I got the dresses at Pumpkin Patch sale, 2 for $20 so it’s a good excuse to get them the same dresses so they can look like sisters, hikhikhikhik. With the Little Misses is the brother of Miss 5’s best friend.

I’m not sure what it is with Miss 5 and statues, she wanted to climb on all of them! Hish…….

Bila dah kenyang, when we got back home, we were so lazy and unmotivated to do anything lah so we spent the whole afternoon just lazing around the house even though the house is very messy. Takpelah kan, it’s only us anyway at home and we dont mind a bit of mess :-). But malas macam mana pun, there’s still 4 mouths to feed so dinner tonite was really simple, sausage rolls and salad. Malas2 pun still tergerak jugak nak buat dessert to satisfy our sweet tooth :-).

Ada sesiapa tak yang meleleh air liur tengok our dessert?

5 Responses to “”

  1. Flower Says:

    That little girl looks so familiar. Mommy dia 1/2 Indon, 1/2 English ke?

  2. zany Says:

    salam kenal, so cute the girls, suka lihat.

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Hi mallan,
    A’ah, 1/2 indon n 1/2 english. U kenal ke? They live at Langford.

    Hi Zany,
    Slm kenal to u as well. Thanks šŸ™‚

  4. Flower Says:

    Mak dia nama Erica kan. Tak kenal lah sgt. Tegor2 sikit2 tu ada. Kalau tak silap one of her girl/boy satu kelas ngan Hana masa kat kindy. Tapi kejap je, lepas tu tak pernah jumpa. My friend dia ckp tukar ke LIC. Bapak dia walaupun English very religouskan. Selalu ada buat kelas n ceramah kat rumah.

  5. lemongrass Says:

    betul lah tu.I thnk girl ni lah yg sama kelas dgn your Hana dulu kat AIC. Abang dia dah yr 3 kot x silap. I know diaorg slalu ada kelas agama kat rumah diaorg. Very nice family.

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