Another glorious spring day, wish all days could be like this :-). But with Spring comes hayfever and so far my hayfever is really at its worst. Tiap2 tahun bila Spring, macamnilah hidup I, the whole day I’ll be sneezing with runny and itchy nose, itchy and watery with occasional swollen eyes and very itchy palate – the lot! Every year I kena tukar my antihistamine to a different type sebab after so many months of usage, sometimes they don’t work anymore so I have to find one that works on my hayfever for that year. And I normally have to get the highest dose if I want to survive the whole day without feeling so miserable. Teruk betul penangan Spring and all the pollens it brings. If only I can find out and isolate the pollens I’m allergic to without having to do skin prick testing, that would be great. After seeing Miss 5 had the skin prick test done on her back when she was a year old, that’s enough to scare anyone, hehehe ;-). Maybe one day I’ll get it done so I can find out which pollens I’m allergic to.

Pagi tadi bangun2 aje terus teringin and teringat nak makan mee kari laksa for dinner. Dah lama tak makan me kari laksa ni and the other half pun said, dia pun teringin jugak nak makan mee kari malam ni so balik kerja tadi terus pergi asian shop cari barang2 yang diperlukan utk buat mee kari. But I have always made the cheat versions, guna ready made paste aje, senang keje! But today I used a new paste by Chilliz which is made in Malaysia and it was really sedap! It’s called ‘kari laksa paste’ and rasa dia memang lah sebijik macam mee kari cina, ada kaw u! Since I can’t post the mee kari yang dah siap tu to anyone, I post gambar aje lah ye (unless you want to come to my house so I can cook it for you, hehehehe).

Penuh betul kuah mee kari ni dengan ayam, seafood, sayur n tofu…. Pergh, slurrrpppp. Memang kenyang betul makan malam ni, hehehe……

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  1. Flower Says:

    Adoi mee lagi. Teruk you. Nanti2 nak buat jugak lah ngan perencah segera. Tadi I ke ct ngan hb. Ronda2 sorang sbb hb ada meeting. Lepas tu duduk melangut kat bench tgu dia habis meeting. Boring yg amat. Kalau tau you buat mee, boleh detour ke sana. Hehehe

  2. mother of two Says:

    nie mee kari ker nasi goreng…. teringat mee kuning yg bawak dari malaysia.. tak goreng2 lagi.
    anyway…nampak mmg sedap:)

  3. lemongrass Says:

    I tak pernah buat mee kari guna perencah home made sbb takut tak jadi aje,hehehe.Guna perencah ready pade lagi I rasa confident nak masak :-). Lah, awat u duk melangut, pegi lah shopping puas2 kat Harbour town :-).

    Hi Mother if two,

    Mee kari dah penuh sgt dgn harta karun sampai tak nampak kuah nya,hehehe…

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