>Another inspection day done and over with, lega sikit, now we can ‘rest’ for another 3 months. Pagi tadi sebelum sent the Little Misses to school and pegi kerja, we did some last minute tidying up especially the bathrooms. Yelah, pagi2 mandi kan so lepas mandi tu kenalah lap2 the shower area and the bath tub so tak lah basah and comot for inspection, and susun cantik aje the towels, hehehe. Pastu, everyone pagi ni kena breakfast cereal sebab Mummy tak nak breadcrumbs from the toast to go everywhere. Mana sempat maa nak vacuum the dining area after breakfast! Well, the main reason is that I was too malas to slice the bread that the other half made last nite. Sebab the bread that he made is multigrain bread and bila nak slice using the normal bread knife, the crumbs will fly everywhere, sure lah messy nanti my pristine kitchen! Kalau hari lain, I don’t mind slicing sebab takde inspection. Maybe I have to look out for the electric bread knife, I wonder if it’ll produce less of a mess masa slicing? I still haven’t sliced the bread yet sampai sekarang, hehehe….. Esok pagi ajelah :-).

When we left the house this morning, it was really neat, clean and TIDY but when I look around now, I can see things everywhere…. Sheeeshhhhh!!!!! Tak sempat pun satu hari the house remains tidy, dah bersepah a few things again. But since semalam dah bertungkus lumus mengemas rumah, tonite I don’t care about the mess, I’m just going to ignore them! The other half is even worse than me, he’s so oblivious to any mess in the house, kalau ada depan mata dia pun dia boleh tak nampak! He said, he sees things a bit ‘slower’ than me. He said I can see mess and dirt as soon as it appears while he can only see it bila dah menggunung! A bigger sheeeshh!!!
The Little Misses jangan cakaplah, they don’t see mess, fullstop! :-). Bila Mummy dah membebel, barulah they can see the mess miraculously and pandai terus mengemas lepas tu! I’m such a mean Mum, ha..ha..ha….


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