Masa ni lah I wish we had a DSLR camera sebab it was such a perfect night to take a picture of the smiling night sky. This is the best we could do with our digital camera. But believe me, it was 100X better in real life! The cresent moon with 2 planets above it (jupiter and venus) above it, tersangatlah agungnya ciptaan Tuhan yang Esa………

Ini gambar yang we all ambil sendiri but kalau u nak gambar yang lagi cantik, dah banyak keluar kat net. You can go to news .

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  1. shaz Says:

    I saw that too while driving home from Carousel after catching a movie (Twilight) at around 9 pm. It was a beautiful sight, and I hv never seen such thing b4. I thot it was the moon n 2 stars. After reading your entry now I know they were planets. You r right, agong sungguh ciptaanNya.

  2. lemongrass Says:

    hi Shaz,
    Were you at Carousel last nite?My house is about 3 mins drive fr Carousel. I had to go out to fetch my hubby fr Curtin last nite around 9 tu yg ternampak tu. I terpaksa bawak the kids yg tgh mamai2 fr sleep as well so they got to see it too, they were very shocked that the moon smiled at them🙂

  3. Azie Says:

    kak..huhuhuhu kesian kt kita kita tak tau kisah psl bulan senyum nih..rugi tul kita kakakaka mlm td kul 8 lg kita dh tdo..tau psl kes ni bite jam 7 pg td..warggghhhh rugiiiii nyer…tulah kan kuasa tuhan yg tiada bandingannya kan🙂

  4. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Azie,
    awat kul 8 lagi dah tidur? Si Amin n Aniess dah tidur ke masa tu?hehehe. Takpe, klu masih panjang umur lagi in 40 years time, bolehlah u tengok lagi bulan tersenyum ni ye🙂

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