A few more days to Eid-Adha but the other half won’t be here on Sunday and Monday to celebrate together and I still have to go to work. Memang we all jarang sangat celebrate Raya haji kat sini unless it falls on the weekend. But the Little Misses have a free day on Monday tu sempena Raya Haji. Ye lah, sebab skolah agama kan so kenalah cuti untuk Raya but kalau skolah public, sekolah macam biasa aje. So, I have to take the Little Misses to work with me sebab takde sape nak jaga diaorang kat rumah on that day. This is the bad point of being ‘sebatang kara’ kat Perth ni but thank God for the invention of laptops and dvds to entertain them at work :-). Tak lah diaorang bored gilerr kat my work nanti.

Anyway, malam ni instead of just showing you my dinner, I’m going to show you how to make lasagne. Well, not really step by step method but a few photos on what you need to make it…..

These are the 3 main things you need to make a good beef lasagne. First, lasagne sheets obviously, I just used the instant ones so you do not need to cook the sheets before baking it in the oven. Second, you need a good bechamel sauce or white sauce and last but not least, the meat bolognese.

Then, on a lightly sprayed baking tin or pyrex container, put the bolognese sauce first, followed by the lasagne sheets, then some more bolognese sauce to cover the sheets. You don’t have to put loads of sauce, just enough to cover the sheets. Then pour the cheese sauce over it. Then repeat the same steps until you’ve used up all the sheets and all the sauces. Make sure the cheese sauce is the last one on top. Pastu, kalau ada extra grated cheese, you can sprinkle them on top of the cheese sauce to make it more cheesy. Like the other half said, “you can never have too much cheese!” :-). Nasib baik lah bini dia and anak2 dia pun suka cheese jugak so takpelah letak banyak2 pun. I pity my arteries though……

Then bake it covered with alfoil for 30 minutes at 180ºC. Pastu, put up the temperature to 200ºC and bake it uncovered for another 20 minutes or until brown. Kalau your oven is a bit bengong and temperamental like my oven, you might need to brown it a bit under the griller.

Pastu, your lasagne is ready to be served with green salad (to make you feel better about eating all the cheese 🙂 ). Senang kan!

I know a lot of people out there dah tau macam mana nak buat lasagne but let me ‘pretend’ to be Nigella sekejap minus the boobs and the hips and the bum, hahahahaha…….


5 Responses to “”

  1. Flower Says:

    Sekolah my anak2 cuti hari selasa. Tp hari Monday diaorg ponteng. Selasa lak nmpknye kena jugaklah bawak diaorg ni to my class. Last day mana boleh ponteng class kan. So harap2 my anak2 tak boring tunggu mommy dia belajar. Lepas tu lak ada chrissie party kat sana. So makanlah….

  2. Liasari Says:

    it's a relief to know ada jugak orang yang share the same oven bengong like mine 😉
    this dish is simply sinful! wahhh takleh makan selalu… nanti my hips & bum makin melebar mcm Nigella… i don't mind the boobs thou heheheee

  3. Siti Salina Says:

    Dear Min,

    You can always ‘park’ your kids at my place on Monday. The only problem is i am not a great cook like you.

    Honestly, i don’t mind looking after the two of them.

  4. gee carmen Says:

    sedapnyeee.. sedapnyeeee.. sedapnyeee lasagne.

  5. lemongrass Says:

    Hi mallan,
    how’s your new house? Knapa AIC cuti Tuesday ye? Yr pilates class ke yg dah final one ni? Takpelah, bila lagi kan anak2 you nak tengok Mummy pergi kelas, slalunya u aje yg pergi their classes, hehehe…

    Wahkahkah Lia,
    the prob with me is klu I makan bnyk,all the fat definitely pergi ke hips and bum n tummy, tak pernah and I think will never go to my boobs unlike Nigella! tension weh! 🙂

    Hi Salina,
    thanks for the offer. Sheri pun dah offer nak jaga the kids as well. Actually, the kids don’t mind going to work with me sbb they can just watch movies and read there and my boss tak kisah. Maybe next time if Matt n I nak pergi berdating, I’ll park the kids there, kay!

    Hi Gee,
    lasagne ni mmng lah sedap sgt2 kan :-).

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