The last day of school had finally arrived. The Little Misses were so excited but sad as well sebab lama nak berpisah dgn their friends kan. The teachers were so excited as well because they can finally get rid of the kids. Yang muka monyok and sedih at the school just now were the parents aje, hehehe, because 7 weeks of 24-hour chaos at home can make anyone go mental! I feel so blessed sebab my kids are both girls so chaos tu masih lah boleh di control. The only part yang tak boleh control is the ‘kenan murai’ part i.e. non-stop talking from the moment they wake up to the moment they shut their eyes at night. Mummy pun dulu masa kecik2 talked non-stop gak but bila dah besar ni, dah tau lah nak diam, hehehe…..

The presents for the teachers were very well received. They love it when they got cakes or cookies or sweets from me because they say, they know that it’s going to taste delicious :-). The ceramic containers and bowls that came along with the food gifts kiranya macam bonus aje lah, hehehe. Setahun sekali kan bagi buat memento. The Little Misses like giving the presents to their teachers pun so berbaloi lah Mummy bertungkus lumus masak kat dapur kan, hahahaha…

The foodies that I gave were Rocky Road, Coconut Ice and Boiled fruit cake. Memang Christmas sweets lah. The other half lah yang happy terlebih2 sebab I made all his favourite Christmas treats. Miss 5 pun loves the coconut ice, first time I buat tu I think. Coconut ice ni kat M’sia panggil coconut candy kalau tak silap lah. Masa I kecik2 dulu, one of our Indian neighbours used to make it every Diwali, memang sedap but very sweet as well.

Miss 5 with some of her friends. She’s the yellow fairy which gives the yellow flowers their colour, hehehe…..
Miss 9 with her clique. Told you she’s the smallest :-).

The trees in the photo yg I posted semalam are very interesting looking kan? I just love the unique black trunk and the funny leaves and also the flower spikes yang mcm horns on top of the head aje. The trees used to be called ‘blackboy’ because people say it resembles an aboriginal boy holding a spear but the term was considered offensive by some people so they’ve changed the name to ‘grass tree’. They are definitely natives to Australia. What is quite unique to some native Australia plants are their needs for fire to bercambah. It’s difficult for them to flower kalau tak kena bakar, but after kena bakar like from a bushfire, they’ll turn black but suddenly you can see loads of flower spikes coming out from the tree. Interesting right!


4 Responses to “”

  1. azah Says:

    Hmmm I wonder where yur little misses got her chinese eyes…anyway she’s very petite yet pretty. The unique trees amazed me very much..Allah creations are great..untuk umatnya supaya sentiasa bersyukur…

  2. saveme_zero Says:

    kak…klu blk m'sia,nak jumpa akak & famili la.

  3. Flower Says:

    kawan2 anak2 you tu nmpk mature betul. Tak mcm anak2 you. Still baby lagi.

  4. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Azah,
    we all pun tak tau mana dia dpt her chinese eyes,hehe. We think it’s because she has javanese eyes which are mostly a bit sepet but with her dad’s skin coloring so tu yg nmpk mcm chinese sgt2, hehehe.

    hi Sue,
    Boleh aje klu nak jumpa. InsyaAllah we all balik next year but setahun lagi lah masa wedding my brother. kalau jadi, bolehlah I invite semua rakan bloggers ygkat M’sia, boleh kita berkenal kenalan kan :-).

    Alya is only 9+ while most of her classmates are 10+ and 11+ because she’s in the Yr5/6 combined class tu yg semua nampak lagi mature dr dia :-).

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