Malam ni ada dinner function with my workmates so we are going to park the Little Misses at Sheri’s house. Dah berzaman tak keluar at night time without the Little Misses ni. Selalunya ke mana pergi if it’s at night mesti ada handbag 2 orang tu :-). The other half said, he can’t wait for Miss 9 to be old enough to be left at home to look after her sister so we can go out berdating macam zaman dolu2. Probably when she’s 15 then only we’ll be comfortable leaving them alone at home for a few hours without any adults around. It’s illegal anyway kat sini to leave kids at home alone, hehehe.

So, since I’m going to park the Little Misses at Sheri’s during dinner time, kesian pulak kat Sheri kena masak for the kids. Knowing my kids yang sometimes can be a bit fussy especially Miss 9 when it comes to eating and knowing Miss 5 yang suka makan, I made sausage rolls for them to take so nanti next time Auntie Sheri will want to babysit them again, hehehe.

The simplest sausage rolls, sausage wrapped in puff pastry.

Our afternoon tea, almond croissants.

Ooops, I’m running very late and the other half’s been urging me to get ready so got to go…..


3 Responses to “”

  1. MommYaLif Says:

    aiyoo sedapnya fruit cake tuh!cake ni gerenti tahan lama punya and makin sedapkan.anyway Happy 13th Anniversary LG! mine coming soon2.

  2. Rafizah Nordin Says:

    isk2x kite pun buat sosej roll arini bwak g spital tuk bekal janji lak kite eh, hehehe

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Hi MommyAlif,
    fruit kek tu mmng sedap.Tak tau lah tahan lama ke tak sbb slalunya cepat aje abis nya,hehehe. Thanks for the wish :-). When’s yours?

    Janji orang malas masak, hehehe

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