The other half woke up this morning saying that today we should start teaching Miss 5 riding without her training wheels. Miss 9 dulu masa umur dia 7+ baru we all ajar naik bicycle without training wheels, kiranya dah ‘tua bangka’ baru tau naik basikal lah :-). With Miss 5, we wanted to start early so bila balik bercuti to M’sia senanglah nak naik basikal keliling kampung kan :-). So, pagi tadi lepas breakfast, dengan semangat berkobar2, we went to the bike track to practice. The other half ‘asked’ me to ride with Miss 9 somewhere else so I tak boleh tengok dia ajar Miss 5 ride her bike. He said I would definitely freak out if I see how he teaches her how to ride.

The other half and I have very different views when it comes to ‘dangers around us’. I think I’m more cautious, ye lah, Mum kan so I guess dah tersemat dalam jiwa yang anything and everything can be dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, I will let them run around at the playground and climb whatever they want at the playground. I’m quite happy to just sit and watch them learn how not to fall. And kalau they fall, oh well, they’ll learn. But if I think it’s not appropriate for the Little Misses at their age then I won’t let them go on it but with the other half, for him, you won’t know if it’s appropriate or not until you try it so he’ll let the Little Misses climb anything. If they fall, then they know it’s not appropriate for their age! That’s when I usually freak out, hehehehe. That’s why the Little Misses think playing with Daddy is so much fun while Mummy is the ‘safety officer’! Tu yang kadang2 tension aje dengan the other half when he can’t see the dangers, hish…!

The parks around Perth ni mostly around lakes or rivers and I ni selalunya seriau aje kalau the Little Misses play too close to the edge of the river or the lakes sebab I takut aje if they trip over and fall into the river especially Miss 5 because she’s so uncoordinated. The other half pulak loves to say, ” Don’t worry, let them play there. If they fall, I can be there in 2 seconds to pick them up!” That’s when lagi lah I freak out when he says things like that. My hubby ni ingat dia Superman or Carl Lewis kot, boleh lari sikitnya laju to save his kids! Probably when he was younger and slimmer and fitter, he could sprint in 2 seconds without huffing and puffing and blowing the house down. But sekarang ni with the extra weight ( a.k.a. lemak!), I don’t think he could do that, wahkahkahkahkah……. Mau agaknya kena heart attack if he has to sprint that fast :-). So, now you know why he wants me to stay far away from him and Miss 5 when he’s teaching her how to ride her bike.

Anyway, luckily nothing bad happened to Miss 5 today except a graze on her shin and Miss 9 and I had a nice ride as well. Miss 5 still tak tau lagi nak balance her body on the bike, she kept on leaning to one side, tu yang jatuh aje everytime the other half took his hand off her, hehehe. It won’t happen in a day but it will happen, she’ll learn how to ride sooner or later kan. Still plenty of time :-). After the bike ride, the Little Misses and the other half went on a miniature train ride at the park. We had a fun morning……

The other half took a photo of Miss 5 before the bike lesson. Before the bruises and the bumps and the tears :-).

The Canning river. Mummy asik suruh the Little Misses jangan pergi too close to the edge while the other half kept on saying, “let them…”

Waiting for the train to come.

Here comes the choo -choo train…. Terasa sekejap jadi giants. Daddy memang dah giant, hehehe.

Having fruit salad after the train ride. Mummy’s trying to be healthy, hehehe….


6 Responses to “”

  1. shaz Says:

    Can u tell me where this park is with the miniature train? Thot I could bring my kids there, cuti sekolah kan, so I need to find activities, thanks.

  2. Mat Gebu Says:

    Cutenya miss 5 dok tepi sungai tuuu…macam model iklan utk bicycle tu kan?….LG, train tu railway dia kecik ek, kalau i nak sure train tu “merana” u…hahahaha….

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Shaz,
    It’s called Castledare miniature train. it runs on sunday’s only twice a month. The station dekat Kent st weir only opens on the third sunday of the month tak silap and there’s another station along the loop but can’t remember the name. I think it’s on the net.

    Wahkahkah Cik Mat,
    klu u naik, kena book 1 coach khas utk u aje lah, hehehe.

  4. shaz Says:

    Thanks, heran juga why I never heard of it. Will definitely google it.

  5. Ziehelmy Says:

    LG …kalau anak i…sure dah terjun dah tu….

  6. lemongrass Says:

    we all pun baru tau about it last year but asik terlupa aje about it. Kebetulan pun the other day we happened to go there at the right time :-).

    Hehehe anak u suka tengok air ye :-). Anak I tak terjun but kemungkinan besar terjatuh tu adalah tu yg I seriau aje kadang2.

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