I was a bit confused when people say pening kepala baca my N3, heran jugak at first sebab I can read it fine. Rupa rupanya I used the font yang I think you can only read guna mozilla firefox aje, hehehehe…. Anyway, this is the edited version of it so hopefully semua orang boleh baca. Ampun ya ibu2 and bapak2 semua 🙂

Happy Anniversary to us
Happy Anniversary to us
Happy 13th Anniversary to us
May Allah bless our union and may it last until our last breath

It hasn’t been a smooth journey all the way, we went through some really rough patches but we survived with our love stronger than ever. We’ve also had many wonderful moments which make us appreciate each other more. And we are blessed with 2 gorgeous girls to make our family complete (only God knows where they got the gorgeous genes from!). I know I can be very difficult to live with most of the time and I’m blessed with your patience. Thank you Dear from the bottom of my heart for being mine.

( Bila I suruh the other half baca what I’ve written above, he said, “Auwww, it’s a bit too romantic coming from you. Are you sure you didn’t get it from a Hallmark card?”. Lerr hubby I ni, mentang2 lah wife dia selalu jenis brutal aje, ada ke patut dia kata I ciplak. Citt Aney!!! . Your wife can occasionally write something sweet tau, not always, but once in a blue moon :-). )

Anyway, I didn’t make anything special for dinner today sebab penat sehari suntuk kat city tadi and we as usual completely forgot to buy cards for each other, hehehe. Esok kalau I terlebih rajin, tak pun weekend ni ke I’ll make something special for dinner, hehehe. The other half had a meeting in the city this morning so we tagged along as well. Saje je nak bawak the Little Misses naik bas to the city and pergi museum. Well, the other half took the Little Misses pergi museum after his meeting while I went shopping, which was so so fun!!!! Alah, bukannya beli segala macam benda bagai nak rak pun, I just bought a pair of Colorado shoes, a pair of Just Jeans black jeans and top for me and some Pumpkin Patch clothes for the Little Misses. Malas lah nak beli macam2 sebab nanti post Xmas sale nak shopping lagi so bawak2 bersabar dulu, hehehe. And then naik bas pulak tu, tak sanggup nak mengangkut all the bags bawak naik bag. Kalau nak shopping beria, kena tunggu drive sendiri lah. Post Xmas sale starts this Friday in the city, still debating whether to go or not, hehehe. Malas nak pergi sebab malas nak bersesak2 but because of the word “SALE”, berkobar aje semangat ni, haa…haa…haa… Women and SALE memang tak boleh dipisahkan!

Anyway, some photos of the Little Misses and the flora in the city this morning while waiting for Daddy to finish his meeting.

Haritu I tayang pokok Jacarandas with all the purple flowers. Hari ni nak tayang another tree with red flowers. The other half said this tree is called the flame tree, not really sure if it’s the right name for it though.

Kangaroo Paw flowers up close. yang ini kaler kuning pulak.

I know she can be adorable occasionally, gorgeous definitely but perfect? Wahahahaha…..

21 Responses to “”

  1. are Says:

    sungguh romntika gmbr yg atas tuh..
    moga kak LG & hubby bahagia slalu.

  2. Azie Says:

    epi eniberseri kak LG..smoga perkahwinan ini bkekalan hingga akhir hayat…insyaallah..aminn..pssst cun ler gmboo pokok tu..kak..snap ler gmbo pokok lavender purple tu…br tgk kt mjlh 3 baru ni

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Wahahaha Are,
    romantik setahun sekali ;-). thanks for the wish ye.

    TQ, TQ…. InsyaAllah and aminn… Lavender purple akak tak berbunga lagi tp klu Azie nak gmbr jacaranda purple adalah, hehehe, Gi N3 Tuesday 25 November.

  4. Rafizah Nordin Says:

    alalaaaaa nak jugak tayang gambo lomantik kite hehehehe

    epi eniberseri k min & hb…moga kekal bahagia hingga hembusan nafas yg terakhir…

  5. nj Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Yes you have such a gorgeous family. May ALLAH blesses your life ahead…
    Being romantic is just so impeccably right for certain people…but to some, they may have different ways of delivering what they feel inside…it doesn’t matter that much right? Does it?
    Hahaha! I said that coz me neither a romantic person…biasa-biasa ajer!

  6. -anne- Says:

    Happy Anniversary kak LG…Hope to be like your family..live happily ever after..

  7. Mat Gebu Says:

    Happy 13th Anniversary to LG n Mat Saleh rambut sikit ituuuu (amponnnn!!)….Dapat hadiah apa. kalau dah 13 tahun kawin sure dpt bracelet yg ada 13 biji berlian yang setiap biji = 1 carat!!!…hahaha terus gugur rambut…

  8. Azita Says:

    Hai LG. Happy anniversary again!! moga bahagia berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat…. suka tengok gambar yg romantik tu!

  9. lemongrass Says:

    TQ for the wish. Gelak aje orang tengok gambar tu,hehehe

    Hi NJ,
    It’s true what you wrote. For some people it comes easy saying all these sweet things but it took me quite a while last night to compose those few short sentences, hehehe. TQ for your wish 🙂

    Hi Anne,
    TQ for the wish. Our family life has ups and downs too just like everyone else but so far Alhamdulillah, we are very thankful for what we have :-).

    Cik Mat,
    wei, best nya lah klu jadi kenyataan 13 biji berlian 1 carat each!!! Bukan setakat makin gugur rambut, terus bangkrap adalah, hehehe… Untunglah sape jadi isteri Cik Mat kan sbb setiap tahun bertambah 1 carat berlian kat badan, wahkahkahkah….

    Hi Azie,
    TQ once again. Romantik ye gambar tu? Malu I 😉

  10. Tulip Merah Says:

    Happy anniversary.. moga kekal bahagia hingga akhir hayat..

    From: Eta, aleem dan anak-anak

  11. hani Says:

    Hi Kak,

    Happy 13th anniversary. Hope all your doa and wishes are granted by Him. Yup, the red tree is called the flame tree… tapi ni yg version kecik nyer:)

  12. Siti Salina Says:

    Happy Anniversary Mynn and Mat. May you guys have a bleassed married life till the end
    Once you come to the city for shopping spree please drop by at our house kay especially on the boxing day. Park your car at our house lepas tu gilah shopping puas-puas

    Dah lama tak jumpa you all.

  13. hani Says:

    Lupa pulak nak tanya earlier, city center buka ke on the 26th tu? last year pegi gak.. lengang aje. punyala beria nak shopping ngan my hubby tahun lepas, tapi kedai tak bukak. agaknya we all pegi terawal kot, lam 9 am ke 9.30 camtu.

  14. Liasari Says:

    happy anniversary!
    i’m a helpless romantic but still nak tulis ucapan romantic tu kekdg takes a while juga nak keluar. altho he’s not a romantic guy tp bila belek balik kad2 dia boleh buat i tersenyum sorang mengenangkan betapa susah dia nak karang ayat2 tu! at least he put some effort to write them.

  15. Shafidah Shamen Says:

    romantic sehhhhhhhhh, caya lahhh! ahhpy anniversary anyway 🙂

  16. mass Says:

    Kak LG… selama ni Mass jadi silent reader jer.. almost past half year… but now I show up… just because your anniversary …. Happy anniversary kak… may Allah always bless you and family.

    with hugs

  17. VG Says:

    Happy wedding anniversary LG and many more to come. Yes I know we can be ‘difficult’ (i was going to use another word but I thought better) to live with at the best of times, but I am sure that is why our husbands love us so. Anyway, I’ll this opportunity to wish you a merry christmas and HNY too. Muah….Vin

  18. lemongrass Says:

    terimakasih banyak2 :-).

    Hi Hani,
    thanks for the wish. City centre for the first time ever buka for shopping on Boxing Day this year on Friday. Sebelum2 ni tak pernha buka on Boxing day so klu u nak pergi shopping, dont forget to go to the city this Friday :-).

    Hi Salina,
    Thanks for the wish and the offer. I dont think we’ll be going this Friday sbb matt kata dia nak melepak dpn TV tengok cricket! Obviously for him, cricket on TV is more important than shopping :-). Jom lah dtg rumah I this Friday, boleh I jamu u xmas goodies :-).

    Hehehe Lia,
    u romantik abis ye n yr hubby the opposite? I n hubby dua2 tak romantik so bila nak tulis ayat2 romantik ni sikit nya seksa ke, hehehe.

    Hi Fidah,
    wehkehkehkeh romantik ye? thanks for the wish :-).

    Hi Mass,
    thank you for reading my blog and thank you for the wish as well. I tak kisah silent reader ni sbb I pun slalu jadi silent reader other blogs, hehehe

    Hi Vin,
    Hahaha, what’s the word you were going to use? ;-). I wanted to use another word as well but I think difficult was more appropriate at this ‘family-friendly’ slot :-). Thanks for the wish by the way. And have a very merry season for you and family as well.
    p/s I bought rosewater today to try your rosewater shortbread 🙂

  19. katak_78 Says:

    kak LG..i am planning to go melbourne next year..maybe somewhere in MArch…musim apa masa tu ekk…

  20. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Katak_Ayu,
    masa tu baru masuk Autumn but Melbourne is famous for having 4 seasons in 1 day so can be hot like summer to cold like winter in 1 day. But can also be nice as well so bawa ajelah all the extra warm clothes just in case. You gi holiday ke? Best nya!

  21. Nor Suraida Yahya Says:

    wahhhhhhh!!!!…syoknyaaaaaaa….dapat hadiah ciuman dr hubby….eda doakan LG bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat….rupa2nya kita berkongsi bulan ya!…

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