Part of last nite’s entry was typed using ‘webdings’ without me realising that the font can only be read using firefox, hehehe. Tu lah, I ni bukannya tau anything when it comes to coding and html and what not so tu yang tak sedar langsung. I didn’t mean for the text to be only ‘readable’ by the other half and me aje, cam secret message gitu, hahahaha. The other half said to me, next time don’t touch that font ever! :-)….. Leceh betul after that nak edit balik because we had to delete some of the html codes to get it working properly after that, nasib baik the other half knows how to ‘fix’ things like that. If I had to ‘fix’ it by myself, memanglah hampeh tahap gaban sampai bila2 pun tak kan boleh fix rasanya, wahkahkahkah…….

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who wished us happy anniversary. We are very touched by your thoughtfulness. Walaupun cuma kenal di alam cyber ( most of you anyway :-)), but you guys are kind enough to wish us well. We really do appreciate it. Like I’ve been saying to the other half, sejak I ada blog ni I have more friends than him, haa..haa…haa….. Then he replied by saying that he has more friends on Facebook than me. Then I said to him yang I takde ramai kawan kat facebook sebab I dah berkurun lama tak bukak my facebook account, once I bukak sure berduyun2 friend request I’ll get :P. See, baru aje sambut anniversary dah ‘gaduh’ balik, wahkahkahkah………

2 more sleeps to Xmas. The only reason we are excited is because we’ll be going to a christmas buffet breakfast this year. For the first 2 Christmases since we’ve moved to Perth, we spent it by having a picnic at Matilda Bay. The Little Misses liked playing in the river collecting jellyfish and the other half and I enjoyed just lying on the picnic rug reading our books. And it was so safe for the Little Misses to play at the edge of the river that we didn’t even have to keep an eye out for them, tu yang boleh baring2 kat atas picnic rug lagi tu, hehehe. Then last year for Christmas, Miss 9 was in Adelaide spending Christmas at Nana’s and Pop’s. She flew there all by herself. And we didn’t go anywhere because it was soooo hot on Christmas day last year. And it wasn’t fun to go anywhere without Miss 9 :-).

When we were living in Adelaide, every Christmas obviously kena spend dengan In Laws lah kan, from morning till after dinner melepak kat rumah diaorang, boring ya amat! Nothing to do and nowhere to go and no guests datang rumah. The other half ni anak tunggal and then all of his parents’ family either in NZ or merata tempat lain but no one in Adelaide tu yang takde sedara mara datang melawat masa Xmas, tu yang boring tahap gaban, hehehe. To tell you the truth, the other half and I enjoyed our christmas picnics more than our christmases in Adelaide, memang terul betul lah their only daughter in law ni kan! Macam mana lah nak jadi daughter-in-law mithali wei……….

So, today the Little Misses and I made gingerbread biscuits for Christmas day munching. I made the dough while they played with the cookie cutters and the decorating. Yesterday I made fruitmince tarts but lupa pulak nak ambil gambar. Nanti lah I’ll take photos of all the christmas goodies I’ve made since I’ll still be making some more esok, hehehe. Layan dulu lah gambar the Little Misses at work.

Tolong Mummy men deco the biscuits.

Some of their creations, hehehe…. Gingerbread man takde sbb takde the cutter but ada gingerbread bears, christmas trees, santas, hehehe….


6 Responses to “”

  1. Liasari Says:

    ada recipe fruitmince? hehe tempohari tgk jamie oliver buat fruitmince rolls pki readymade je. nmpk senang, and since i have leftover pastry dough dlm fridge tak tau nak wat apa. i told hubby i nak buat chicken pie for christmas, he just laugh at me.

  2. boadicea3011 Says:

    I hope it’s not too late to wish you Happy Anniversary, and… geram sey tngok ur ginger biskut!!

    Salam perkenalan dr Norraya, Suzhou.

  3. Azie Says:

    ok ler tu bercanda2 hehehehehe..lomantik gitu heheheh walau pon sorang tbaring heheheh sure angin pon sepoi2 je kan..waaaa besttt wooo hehehehe

  4. Azita Says:

    bercanda di tepian pantai… best tu!! actually I can read that entry coz I copy paste to words & change the font… and it's very romantic!!!

  5. sheri Says:

    hi mynn, hehe..tak sempat baca blog, happy anniversary!! i’m sure it was a night to remember.. patutlah u bought that lacy thing ;p..

  6. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Lia,
    I ada recipe fruitmince but yg I buat hari tu guna same recipe for fruit mixture for the boiled fruit cake sbb I malas nak buat yg lain, hehehe. My husband likes it so tu yg I just guna that recipe. Nanti I put it up ok.

    Hi Norraya,
    thanks for the wish. My ginger biscuit tak rasa ginger sgt sbb my kids tak suka yg berempah sgt, hehe. I can’t imagine myself living in China cos I like all my creature comfort esp food wise. tabik kat you living there for so long :-).

    yg best nya kat sini, panas mcm mana pun klu sit under a tree akan nyaman gitu sbb angin best and tak berpeloh, hehehe. Tu yg best baring2 sampai boleh tertidur tu!

    Hi Azita,
    oh you kena copypaste ke word dulu ye baru boleh baca? Tu lah, bila I try guna IE baru lah i sedar yg ramai tak boleh baca, hehehe.

    Hahaha Sheri,
    every nite is a nite to remember, wahkahkahkah, takde lah, gurau aje.

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