What a lazy day today….. The weather is really warm out there but so cool and comfy in here. Kalau tengah kat M’sia ni memang dah lama zzzzzzzzzz…… Seronok betul tidur di siang hari ni kan, hehehe….. But biasalah bila dah jadi mums or housewives ni, sometimes you just don’t have time for that. And sometimes baru aje nak try letak kepala kat bantal, the Little Misses will start calling, ” Mummy, mummy, mummy, I have to tell you something…..” or they’ll start arguing so macam mana lah nak tidur dengan lena kan. Singa betina kalau kena kacau masa nak tidur sure akan mengamuk kan so lagi baik lah I don’t even try to fall asleep :-).

Anyway, I made some more goodies today. The other half said to me, “Now you’ve made all these goodies, we just have to find people who celebrate Xmas to give all these goodies to! We won’t be able to finish it all.” Ha..ha..ha.. very funny wise guy! I made all these for you anyway so you don’t feel deprived of all the sweet things that your Mum used to make for Xmas sebab I ni kan isteri mithali. Alah, you jugak yang everytime lalu depan the cookie containers mesti makan at least 1 piece, hehehe. Macam lah I tak tau even though you tried to hide it from me because you’ve been told not to eat too much of it, hahaha…… As though I don’t know you so well my Dear :-). Between you and the Little Misses, I don’t think the cookies will last that long anyway so bersyukur aje lah that your wife tengah rajin membaking ni :P.

So, since I’ve promised that I’ll show you what I’ve made in the past few days, these are some photos of the Xmas treats. Alah, bukannya banyak mana macam nak sambut Raya and cuma biscuits and kek aje pun. I might make roast chicken with stuffing and all the trimmings for dinner esok kalau rajin. Kalau tak rajin, I’ll just make roast chicken aje and roast potato kot :-).

Fruit cake, citrus almond biscuits, maltesers meringue and gingerbread biscuits.

Fruit mince shortbread and fruitmince tart.


8 Responses to “”

  1. sheri Says:

    mynn, i raya krismas rmh u eh? ;p

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Wahkahkah Sheri,
    adalah yg nanti kena buang negeri klu u beraya krismas kat rumah i 😛

  3. azah Says:

    wahhh..rajinnya…I hope santa blh bawa kat sini yur cookies…hhehehe

  4. azah Says:

    heh..dah dpt dah..I just try aje..u pakai bomoh apa ya..hehehe..okay I try buka email…hav a nice xmas holiday..

  5. VG Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year LG. Rajinnya you buat cookies. I had big plans this year to make cookies but unfortunately, work took over – only sempat buat dua. Nasib baik Mr G tolong sikit so my kids not ‘so deprived’ when it comes to cookies for Chrissy! Why don’t you write to me thane I call you and we can sembang2; only if you want! Once again, merry Christmas.

  6. Mrs.FHM Says:

    wah terliur pulak tgk all the sweets…

  7. lemongrass Says:

    Santa dah abiskan dulu my cookies on the way nak antar ke you, hehehe..

    Hi VG,
    poor your kids only 2 cookies aje sempat u buat, but you can still make them this long xmas hols :-). How’s your boy’s ear? Of all the days, it had to happen on Xmas day, poor him! I’ll give u my phone no in yr blog nanti ok!

    Hi Mrs.Fhm,
    that’s why lah my weight makin naik skrg ni, because of all the sweet things that I like to make! tensen I, hehehe

  8. VG Says:

    Yalah LG, of all the days, yesterday the stupid lalat decides to find a nest in my son’s ear. Cilaka punya lalat. Jangan bagi number kat blog, nanti satu dunia ring you up, oy, LOL! Write to my e-mail:


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