“We wish you a merry christmas…
we wish you a merry christmas….
we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year….”

Masa breakfast kat Bluewater Grill pagi tadi, this was one of the songs yang berkumandang on the speaker. Semua lagu yang berkumandang lagu ‘raya’ aje, dah memang Christmas Day kan sure lah kena pasang lagu2 yang sewaktu dengan nya, tak kan lah diaorang nak pasang lagu Saloma or lagu Sharifah Aini kot😉.

We had a wonderful day so far which in translation means a very restful, lazy and quiet day. We got up early to go to the breakfast do which we really enjoyed. Makan sampai semua tak larat, kekenyangan, which made Mummy extra happy sebab I didn’t have to cook lunch for anyone today. That’s why I said it’s been a wonderful day so far, hehehe….. Maybe next year we’ll go there again. After breakfast, we all singgah to let the Little Misses loose at the playground nearby. The Little Misses rasanya had burned all their energy from breakfast at the playground, berlari everywhere sampai berpeluh2 giler. While Mummy and Daddy pulaknya cuma duduk aje tengok the Little Misses berkejar kejaran. Macam mana nak buang lemak macam tu kan, makin tambah lemak from that breakfast adalah! Ish, patutnya we all sama berkejar kejaran kan baru lah lemak2 tu tak berani nak hinggap lama2🙂. Takpe takpe, new year’s resolution nanti nak buang lemak yang menapak since Raya hari tu. If you don’t believe me, you can compare my Raya photo and my photo today, chubby betul my face!

After the Little Misses dah tak larat berlari lari lagi, we came home to open the presents from Nana & Pop. They gave a joint present for the other half and me, a cookbook. Hmmm, either they are trying to tell me a subtle message that I can’t cook and is starving their son or they know that I like to cook so I better learn how to cook decent food🙂. Just joking, I know they meant well when they gave me the cookbook because they know that I like collecting cookbooks. Collect aje but buat the recipes entah bila, hehehe…… The Little Misses got clothes and gift cards. Thanks Nana n Pop for the pressies.

Some photos from this morning……

Hehehe, Miss 5 tak larat bukak mata because of the sunshine🙂. Told you my face is chubbier now!!! I blame it on the angle the photo is taken😛.

Before the rush to the buffet table……

Miss 5 makan cereals without the milk, masa ni dia dah kenyang, hehehe

Some of the food🙂. Smoked salmon galore…..

At the playground after the breakfast

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan, tak menarik hati, tiada memikat …………… I know she’s half malay but it’s the same kan🙂.

I just love this photo. She looks so cheeky but still very cute🙂.

Girls being girls…..

When they are playing together happily, they are so gorgeous but when they start fighting, gerammmmmm aje, rasa nak cubit2 aje……….

10 Responses to “”

  1. azah Says:

    haaa..sekarang baru I can be the first one to comment…uppsss..memang u chubby betul..terkezut I..dekat2 nak sama dgn little misses 5 dah..kena puasa nih..hehehe..just kidding..ok pa kalau gemuk sikit, tak le nanti family u kat sini susah hati tgk kalau u kurus je..

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Wahhhhhhh Azah,
    you pun dah perasan kan my face sikit nya chubby! Memang lah kena kurus kan badan balik mcm ni……. I pun tension aje tengok the weighing scale skrg sbb tunjuk sgt yg I dah gemuk!

  3. Mat Gebu Says:

    LG….tak delah chubby sgt, just nice n cute2 gitu uu….Sebab kena bayang matahari tu yang nampak kan u “gebu”…overall still ok what…Apa komen mat saleh kurang rambut tu pulak?…..

  4. Mommy Lily Says:

    ala chubby sikit aje tu… makin nmpak muda tau kalau LG chubby hihi

    so sweet the girls on christmas day

  5. lemongrass Says:

    Cik Mat,
    Mat saleh kureng rambut tu tak boleh ckp apa2 sbb dia pun chubby lagi banyak dr kita, hehehe. Betul tu Cik Mat, sbb dek bayangan matahari tu yg nampak kan I gebu sikit, wahkahkah…

    Makin nmpk muda ye klu chubby ni? Makin sendat my jeans adalah, makin muda tu rasanya takde, hehehe

  6. Rafizah Nordin Says:

    xpela chubby pun asal che’ abang sayang hehehe tp kite pun da stat diet ni.dah 3 ari x sentuh nasi.pandang pun sinis je huhuhu

  7. Rhapsody Says:

    i really like gambar yg ke 7-9 tu.u yg shot ke hubby yg shot?chubby pun okeh..nampak le muda sket kan.

  8. lemongrass Says:

    I ni slalu gak tak mkn nasi, maybe once a week aje tapi gemuk jugak, wahhhhhhh!!!!!!! My downfall is sweet biscuits, benda goreng2 and cake!

    Hi Jue,
    I yg ambil gmbr tu. With me, kdg2 gambar yg I ambil cantik aje but kdg2 hampeh, hehehe. I used digital camera biasa aje.

  9. QiStinA's Says:

    LG… i tgk gmbr miss 9…terkejut..sbb baju die yg pink tu sebijik yg allyssa… he..he.. pumpkin patch kan… keciknye dunia yek..he..he

  10. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Moi,
    dah balik fr cuti2 Iran ke? A’ah, baju pumpkin patch tu yg sama aje tu. Kat sini brand PP tu dah lama femes🙂

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