Dah ‘besar’ my blog hari ni. Kalau a human child, dah berjalan masa ni, kalau anak kucing, dah jadi mak kucing or bapak kucing berulang kali dah, hehehe. Walaupun blog ni dah 1 year old, tapi tuan empunya blog masih banyak lagi yang blur when it comes to blogging :-). There’s so many things that I don’t know what to do and how to go about doing it like for example getting new templates or getting all the fancy gadgets to make your blog look more interesting. I guess if I’m committed enough to find them on the net, senang aje nak cari but I’m not, so tu yg my blog kosong aje, devoid of any fancy gadgets which are so cute! šŸ˜¦ . But that’s ok, nanti lah kalau ada masa terluang nak surf the net and kalau I’m already bored with my blog layout, I’ll change it and add a few interesting things to it.

Today was spent shopping again. We went looking for a new CPU for the other half sebab his laptop dah nazak sangat2, malam tadi it was making ‘wheezing’noise which really sounds like orang susah nafas aje, hehehe and it’s quite old already pun. We finally found a really good deal for a Hewlett-Packard CPU but since it’s not a media pc, I had to exchange mine with his. He said, I cuma guna my computer to surf the net, do my blog, blog hopping and uploading and downloading photos aje so I might as well use the ‘basic’ CPU. And he also said since he normally runs multiple programs at the same time for his work, he might as well get my fancy schmancy one. And since I ni isteri mithali, I dengan rela hati exchange my CPU with his new one. So, we spent the rest of the afternoon configurating our PCs, exciting life eh! :-).

And since some of the shops tengah buat dvd sale, who are we to say no kan, haa..haa..haa. Kat sini mana boleh jual beli pirated dvds so nak tak nak kenalah beli yang genuine punya. But dvds here don’t cost that much anyway so bila tengah sale, ramailah yang memborong dvds kat kedai tu including us :-). What did we get today? Tak lah banyak mana, I got Pirates of the Carribean: At world’s end ( can’t wait to watch Orlando Bloom, ahhhhhhhh…………) and Bourne Ultimatum for me. Miss 9 got Harry Porter dvds 3 & 4. She is finally reading the Harry Porter books after been persuaded by us since she was 8 to read them. When we asked her why didn’t she start reading them earlier, dia kata, “I thought it’s going to be scary”. So, dia dah tau lah yang they are not that scary so tu yg she likes reading them now. Bila dah baca the novels, kenalah tengok the movies pulak kan :-). Miss 5 got Disney’s Peter Pan. While the other half got ‘From Hell’ and ‘Jackass’ , hish! I don’t know how our taste in movies can be so different and yet we are so in tune in so many other ways! ;-). Nasib baik lah ada net ni kan, so bolehlah I surf the net while he’s watching his kind of films!

Ada one day tu, all of us were in the dvd shop and Miss 5 was curious what the G, PG, M and MA stand for so we explained the letters to her. Then she wondered off looking at the dvs on display. Then on top of her voice she asked, “Daddy, Daddy, what does R stand for?”. Masa tu the other half dah merah padam muka dia sebab orang lain kat kedai tu dah sengih2 aje dengar soalan Miss 5. I pulak terus lah bersyukur sangat2 sebab she didn’t ask me, hehehe. I nak tergelak sangat2 tengok the other half masa tu. So, we had to pull her away from the R section and explained to her that R is for really big adults, not even Mummy or Daddy can watch them, little white lies are sometimes necessary kan, hahahahaha…..

Uish, panjang pulak my entries sehari dua ni kan. Takpelah, sekali sekala :-). Ok lah, layan gambar the Little Misses this evening before dinner. Miss 9 was reading Asterix and Miss 5 was drawing. And also our dinner tonite, pizza aje.

She’s getting bigger everyday šŸ™‚

Kat rumah ni kalau buat pizza, kena buat 3 jenis topping. Restoran kan šŸ˜‰ !

p/s I also bought 2 execise dvds today, bila nak mula guna tu lain cerita lah kan, hehehehehe


12 Responses to “”

  1. azah Says:

    Banyaknya beli…itu dan ini, sampai i lost track sudah dok baca apa yang u beli..hehehe…Hii..a few days ago I was so tensed with school work..yg kena hantar . tadi dah hantar semua..alhamdullilah..my friend tak shopping sangat kat Perth..tapi she fell in love with Perth..the environment, the school system..everything..she said Perth is so serene and beautiful that she and hubby thinking of migrating over there..her sister is in Pinjara, working as a teacher there, married to an aussie..next year my friend is going to send her daughter there..by the way my friend is an indian…

  2. nj Says:

    Dear LG…enjoying urself sakan ye! Tak pe tak pe…beli beli deserve the big treat tu…
    About that different ‘taste’ between u and dear hubby tu…dah memang jadi adat org kata…kalau lagi banyak beza lagi bagus relationship tu…tapi kan…kena banyak bersabar je la…and that what makes the marriage even more interesting…
    Enjoy the movies!

  3. mieoney Says:

    huhu mimie ponx ada beli cd excercise tp yg salsa dance punye.. namun begitu smpi skrg tak guna lai ponx..huhu

  4. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Azah,
    Tu lah kan jadi cikgu ni bnyk kerja betul especially paperwork.Tak sanggup I jadi cikgu,hehehe.Ramai tourists dtg Perth will fall in love with the city n the environment like yr friend tu.Yr friend nak hantar daughter dia high school kat sini or uni?

    Hi nj,
    bila tgh sale dvd aje baru boleh beli, klu tak, mahal lah jugak the price, tu yg memborong sakan :-). I suka chick flicks, my hubby lak suka films yg ganas2 n thriller n tah pape2 lagi, hahaha.

    Hi Mimie,
    hehehe, u pun ada exercise dvd jugak ye? Tu lah, I masa beli semlm semangat berkobar2 nak start. Tp still dlm packet dia lagi tu,hehehe

  5. Mrs.FHM Says:

    syok nye bli dvd…
    sini pon takder yg pirate jugak… tp kalau sales jer citer yg zaman to kadok sajer….blk msia borong byk2 pirate dvd hehehehe menyokong cetak rompak lah pulak…..

  6. Mr Lemongrass Says:

    In my defense with regards to the videos:

    (a) Jackass, I didn’t like either. I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and while it was certainly compulsive viewing (for all the wrong reasons) and occassionaly almost funny I won’t be rushing to buy the sequel.

    (b) From Hell, it stars Johnny Depp (need I say more ladies?) and Heather Graham (need I say more gents?).

  7. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Mrs. FHM,
    we all bila balik M’sia ada gak beli pirated dvds but paling bnyk pun 5 sbb takut kena check kat kastam sini, mampuih nak jwb n takut kena saman aje!

  8. lemongrass Says:

    To my Dearest,

    I could have told you that Jackass is c**p and not worth buying and I could have used the money to buy my chick flick :P.
    Johnny Depp can’t compare to Orlando Bloom my Dear and Heather Graham? Obviously you haven’t got good taste when it comes to woman hey, hahahhaha šŸ˜‰ (well except me obviously :P)

  9. Flower Says:

    Kat kedai ada jual yg R ke? So far tak pernah nmpk pun. My kiddies semuanye dah tau rating movie ni. Daddy dia ajar. Kalau yg PG diaorg tak tgk unless ngan our permission. Kkg PG pun tak de apa2 yg R kan.

    We also bought a lot of DVD. Cuti pepanjang ni boring lah. We went out for a while, then balik. Main kat luar kejap, then masuk balik. Wii tournament jap. Tgk semua melopong tak tau buat apa. So tgk movie lah.

    Mcmana ngan wii you. Dah master the game.

  10. azah Says:

    anak my friend tu baru high school…

  11. azah Says:

    oh ya..tin yg i decal tu utk deco je..i tak nak letak apa2..i minat benda2 ni..

  12. lemongrass Says:

    if u pegi ezy dvd kat Carousel tu n area dekat2 dgn counter tu ada 1 section where they sell R18 rated dvds but not really yg teruk2 lah but still R18. Tu lah kan, cuti panjang2 ni boring giler sbb we all pun tak pergi mana2 sgt. Tu yg beli dvds banyak2,hehehe. We love our Wii, even Zahra pun dah terer bowling now :-).

    Hi Azah,
    Anak yr friend tu nak masuk high school mana? Knapa tak guna the tin, cantik apa klu letak jewelleries ke šŸ™‚

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