The temperature has cooled down a bit today, around mid 30s I think which is such a relief after yesterday. In the news semalam, there was a bush fire in King’s Park which they think is caused by arson. Stupid bl***y arsonist, dah takde kerja lain agaknya. Apalah faedahnya pergi bakar the beautiful King’s Park tu, nasib baik no one was injured in that fire but a lot of native trees and fauna were badly damaged. Masa Summer ni lah all the arsonists keluar ‘bersuka ria’ membakar the bushes and the forests sebab masa tengah kering ni lah api senang nak spread. Kalau dapat di tangkap lah, patut nya kena penjara seumur hidup, baru diaorang tau!

Since it’s the weekend and the weather was so nice, we went to Whiteman Park after lunch so the Little Misses can burn some energy. Some photos we took of them and of the really cute Australian ringneck parrots that was abundant there. And not to forget the kangaroos as well.

Here birdie, birdie, birdie……. there’s a nice grape there for you….

Got it! Yummm……

Salah satu penghuni kat Whiteman Park yang berkeliaran around the playground. Tapi tak lah tame sangat so tak boleh nak pergi dekat2. Kena tendang dengan kangaroo ni, mau lah tak bangun seminggu!

Apalah yang di cangkul nya tu. Kalau kat playground kuat betul kerja, kalau kat rumah, liat aje, hehehehehehe

Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream!

I like using the zoom on the camera, nampak cantik aje the photos that I took. But I guess having cute and adorable ‘models’ for the photo shoots help as well, hahahahaha ;-). My models tak bergaji :-).

8 Responses to “”

  1. mother of two Says:

    mmg model yg sgt comel… tak byr gaji takpe.. mama dia dah masak sedap2 utk gaji diaorg..:)

  2. shaz Says:

    The temperature is alright hari ni kan, compared to yesterday. I think my electricity bill is going to shoot up this month with the air cond on most of the time.

    I went to Caversham in Whiteman Park last December, my kids and I love Caversham because we could just play around and pat the kangaroos.Tak sempat nak explore Whiteman park.

  3. shaz Says:

    ..Oooopps lupa nak mention up there, I hope you dont mind I put a link to your blog from mine since I am everyday checking your blog for ideas what to cook.

  4. lemongrass Says:

    betul2, food yg I masak tu lah gaji diaorang,hehehe

    Hi Shaz,
    tu lah, we all pun hari2 pasang aircond skrg ni, tak larat lah bila panas sgt, bahang dia yg buat tak larat kan! We’ve been to Caversham a few times as well and I love the animals there esp the kangaroos n the goats :-). We all pun tak habis lagi nak explore whiteman tu.
    Boleh aje nak link my blog, I’ll link your too ok!

  5. Rafizah Nordin Says:

    nak menyibok ni…kenapa lengan miss 9 tu lebam???

  6. lemongrass Says:

    Hahahaha Fiza,
    bukan lebam tapi dia pakai temporary tattoo :-). Dah nak tanggal pun dah, tinggal sikit2 aje tu yg tak nmpk rupa bentuk cuma nmpak mcm lebam aje.

  7. ctnik family Says:

    LG,bru beli kamera ek?model apa?lg,i pernh nmpk u buat burger home made.apa ek resipinya?pernh buat chicken burger tak?

  8. lemongrass Says:

    Hi Ctnik,
    apa khabar? lama tak nmpk. Sihat? Tak lah, itu kamera lama giler, dah bertahun! Camera digital biasa aje tp optical zoom dia 10X so bila ambil gmbr guna zoom dia, focus dia cantik sikit,hehehe.I ada letak recipe burger tu kat heading ‘recipes’. Chicken burgers tak pernah buat lah 🙂

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