>Here I am blogging in bed using the Other Half’s EEPC. Eeehhh, memang lah tak reti betul guna EEPC ni, rasa macam all my fingers yang halus mulus ni suddenly become so uncoordinated and besar gedabak! Asik tersilap tekan keys aje and I miss my mouse, hehehe. Some people love portable PCs but I lagi suka my desktop PC, biasalah kan, I kan sama usia dengan dinosaurs so tu yang lagi suka desktop PCs :-).

I can’t believe it, lagi 2000 hits to reach 100 000! The Other Half dah bersiap sedia exercising his typing fingers so he has the energy and the stamina to push the reset buttons when the time comes, teruk betul kan my Other Half ni, hehehe. But he’s already been banned by me from visiting the blog more than twice a day! So, kalau dia still dapat that lucky number, memang kiranya dia betul2 ada ong lah kan :-). But kalau The Other half yang becomes the lucky visitor, senang lah I tak payah susah2 fikir pasal present ni, hehehehe…..

Anyway, to a different story, after a few weeks of exercising with Maya, we now know how to perform V steps, turn steps, heel jacks, hustle up back, skip up back, reverse and stationary lunges, grapevine, side kick, squat kick, plie, side abduction and many more steps, hehehehe. kadang2 tu rasa macam tengah buat line dancing aje with all the steps. The Other Half cukup menyampah bila kena buat moves yang a bit like dancing sebab he has 2 left feet so memanglah funny gilers tengok dia exercise :-). Tu yg bila we all buat group exercise with Maya, I kena berdiri depan dia, kalau tak, I takkan jadi exercise sebab sakit perut gelakkan The Other Half, hahahaha…. Unlike me yang so graceful and elegant bila buat the dance steps, wahkahkahkah… Unfortunately The Other Half wont let me record his attempts at the dancing moves, so tak boleh lah I nak share gelak sama2 dengan you all, hehehehe……


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