The public library that we normally go to has implemented a new system recently. It’s the ‘reminder email’ system which I really love. A few days before the due date to return all the books, tapes, dvds and cds that we borrowed, they will send us a reminder email to basically remind us to return the borrowed stuff on time. Kalau dulu, selalu jugak we all terlupa nak pulangkan the books on time especially the Other Half so memang selalu jugak lah we all kena bayar the late penalty fees. Bukannya mahal mana pun, cuma 20 cents/item per day but kalau dah 10 benda yang we all pinjam and sampai seminggu terlupa nak pulang, tak ke sampai $14 tu! So, memang lah buang duit aje kan membayar fines ni, hehehe…. Baik I guna duit tu buat beli groceries kan :-). The Other Half dulu bila kena bayar denda sebab pulangkan lambat selalu cakap,

“That’s ok Dear, we are supporting our local library with the fines money. If not for people like us who are perpetually late, they won’t have enough money to buy more books!”.

Banyak lah pandai Mamat tu berhujah, wahkahkahkah… Kalau betul hujah takpe lah kan :P. So, sekarang ni bila dah ada the reminder emails ni, all our borrowed stuff sentiasa di pulangkan on time and no more money being wasted on paying the late fine.

So tadi balik from picking up the Little Misses we went straight to the library and then sampai rumah dah lambat. But sempatlah nak buat lamb kebab for dinner and meatballs for the Little Misses lunch supply :-). But sempat buat itu aje pun, nasib baik lah ada frozen chips in the freezer and some lettuce in the crisper so that’s what we had for dinner tonite.

Lamb kebab with oven baked chips and salad. Simple and filling :-).


8 Responses to “”

  1. dya Says:

    hye sis~
    waaa… sedapnye tengok chips tu.. hehe.. lagi pulak tgh hujan ni.. ngencess~

  2. ain Says:

    bagus juga klu library di msia buat reminder email gak kan. jd x de le buku yg x dipulang langsung.hehe

    syok tengok kebab kambing LG.

  3. norcshari Says:

    walau simple tapi tetap menggoda selera la…s

  4. azah Says:

    cute je nampak kebab tu..2 ketui sorang ke?

  5. lili11 Says:

    Eh, just like those that I had at Bumbu Bali in Puchong. Sedapnye…

  6. lemongrass Says:

    dah pergi beli chips? Banjir tak yr room from yr ngences? hehehe πŸ˜›

    Kak Ain,
    tu yg we all suka sbb tak payahlah mengabiskan duit bayar fine :-).

    kdg2 tu food yg simple lah yg menggoda kan :-). Mcm nasi panas n ikan goreng dgn sambal belacan, simple tp sedap betul, hehehe…

    Kak Azah,
    My hubby tak cukup 2 ketul, dia nya kebab kena buat besar sikit and utk the kids I buat kecik sikit, hehehe…

    yg kat Bumbu Bali tu kambing jugak ke? Sure lagi sedap kan πŸ™‚

  7. shaz Says:

    same here re the library books, I just got a reminder for 5 items n dapatlah dipulangkan on time. There’s 1 more book under my daughter’s name yg I tak pulangkan, n terus dpt reminder 1 day later so I only paid 20c. Without these reminders, mahunya I lupa terus.

  8. lemongrass Says:

    tu lah kan,I ni dah lah mmng pelupa esp with library books so with that email, my life is so much easier now πŸ™‚

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