Our Saturday morning as usual was spent painting (Miss 10 and The Other Half) and shopping (Miss 5 and I). I certainly enjoyed my morning sebab I managed to find a few things that I’ve been looking for. Miss 10 still hasn’t got bored with her miniature models painting and she’s also found a few friends there at the painting workshop. But she’s still the only girl painting there every week, probably sebab girls her age are not into that kind of thing kot. As long as she’s happy, that’s what matters :-).

And then in the afternoon, The Other Half spent some more time scanning all the old photos. Dari hari tu tak habis2 lagi scanning but he’s finally finished it today so all our old photos are on the PC and a few other backup hard drives. And he’s going to shred all the original photos sebab dia kata, he’s not going to carry them everywhere ever time we move place. Berat jugak nak mengangkut all the albums kemana2 so tu yang dia nak shred semua gambar tu. But sedih jugak bila tengok all the originals yang some of them as old as us kena shred, rasa macam I’m cutting the last tie to my childhood :-(………

But on a happier note, we found some more photos of The Other Half when he was a kid. He was definitely very very cute with his blond hair and gorgeous smile. Even The Little Misses thought their Daddy was very cute when he was a kid. That’s high praise coming from your kids! Hehehehe

Saje je nak tayang gambar The Other Half when he was five y.o. and compare it with The Little Misses’ photos when they were 5 as well (oh and me as well but I was probably 6 y.o. at that time).


 IMG_0533PB060012 171   IMG_0021i


So, agaknya dari mana datang genes cute ni ye? Wahahaha…….. ;-). I should try that scale yang shows which child resembles which parents most kan, baru lah betul2 tau lepas ni, hehehe.

And ini pulak gambar our dinner tonite. Dah lama I tak buat sausage rolls yang rajin version ni. Hari tu I asked the butcher to set aside 2 kg of sausage mince sans casing for me. And then last Thursday, baru lah the butcher called for me to pick up my sausage mince and hari ni baru berkesempatan buat the sausage rolls. I added mixed veges, chopped onions, curry powder and egg to the sausage mince for the sausage roll filling and punyalah banyak sausage rolls I made tadi. The Little Misses and The Other Half will love me forever sebab now they can have sausage rolls for their lunches, hehehehe……



10 Responses to “”

  1. nj Says:

    don’t be so humble dear…mestila ada dua-dua sekali…kalau tak takkan comel mcm tu…apa tu?? Pan-Asian…gitu.
    What a simple dinner yet so deliciously-looking! Is that Avocado on the plate too?? Kat Jubail ni punyala banyak jual…cuma norma tak cuba lagi…doesn’t know how it tastes?

  2. ain Says:

    amboii..posing ayu2 gitu LG kecik2. Hmm..akak rasa la anak2 LG byk ikut your the other half ler, so cute!

    p/s..sedapnya your sausage rolls. siap ada avocado lagi.

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Dulu masa I kecik2 bila tengok gmbr muka pan asian kat majalah Wanita, rasa kagum sgt, skrg ni dah berlambak2 muka pan asian ni, hehehe. U should try avocado tu, it only taste creamy aje but bland, takde masam, takde pahit, takde manis.

    Kak Ain,
    Patutlah anak2 I suka berposing ni kan, rupa2nya ikut Mummy dia, hehehe. I suka mkn salad with sausage rolls tu sbb rasa ‘healthy’ aje :-).

  4. nOllY dOllY Says:

    muka akak cute sgt…x berubah sampai skang ni.. huhu… no wonder dpt all gorgeous daughter!!

    waa..sedap nye dinner tuh..meh2 pos sausage roll tu sket.. 🙂

  5. azah Says:

    akak punya assessment is miss 5 cute, miss 10 gorgeous, min ayu gitu and their dad innocent..

    Don’t worry, they definitely got your black hair, miss 10 lip resemble the daddy a bit, the rest comes from where? must be the blending from both of you…what matters you still win..hehehe

  6. lemongrass Says:

    awet muda giler lah mcm tu ye,hehehe. Jom dtg sini klu nak rasa sausage rolls tu :-).

    Kak Azah,
    Memang betul like u said, we all pun ckp Miss 5 is cute and Miss 10 is very pretty, but I’m not sure about the Daddy being innocent, wehehehe…. ;-). Tu lah kan,my kids dua2 dpt dark hair,takde langsung blonde streaks,hehe. Alhamdulillah lah both kids dpt our best features, kesian kat diaorang klu dpt our worst features kan,hehehe…

  7. ummiQisti Says:

    wuihhhh…mak ai…comeinyeeeeeeeee..mak,bapak and sure le anak2nye…tu psl org sll ckp kids mmmg comeiiii kann…

  8. lemongrass Says:

    mak bapak kecik2 dulu comeiii, skrg ni jauh panggang dr api,hehehe.

  9. Mat Gebu Says:

    Amboihhh!!!…cik LG..kecik2 dah pandai pose..kelass uu!!….and the other half ala2 salah satu watak dalam “the famous five” by Enid Blyton..tapi dah lupa laa watak yg mana satu…

  10. lemongrass Says:

    Cik Mat,
    Memang u, kita dulu kecik2 posing sakan bila nampak camera, jakun kan,wehehe :P. Watak Famous Five tu, as long as bukan dog tu ok lah tu,heheheh

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