Dah beberapa hari I tak letak gambar our dinner kan so sure ada yang dah tertunggu2 nak tengok our delicious mouth watering food right ;-). This morning I went grocery shopping and bought some nice marinara mix with huge chunks of fish and big prawns, calamaris and mussels. Slalu nya I buat seafood pasta or seafood pizza with it but tadi saje je nak buat something so simple that I will enjoy eating too :-).

I marinated the seafood mix in canola oil, fish sauce, palm sugar, chopped up fresh coriander leaves, minced garlic and fresh chilli and lime juice. Tapi marinate pun sekejap aje sebab tak nak lah the seafood ‘masak’ in the lime juice. Then I pan grilled them on the stove top on high heat for a few minutes. Pastu I fried some calamari rings and garlic prawns in crumb (beli yang ready made aje ye, hehehe). We had them with fries and green salad. Memang lah sedap sangat2!! My hubby kata kalau makan kat seafood restaurant sure adalah around $15-20/plate but would be presented more lavishly lah, hehehe…


The Other Half’s plate


My plate. See my plate had more greens than his plate thus the difference in size, wehehehe..


6 Responses to “”

  1. ain Says:

    memang nmpak sedap!!!

  2. lemongrass Says:

    Kak Ain,
    simple sungguh buat nya tp mmng sedap :-).

  3. Mummy HS Says:

    min.. apa yg u masak semua nampak sedap betul..

  4. lemongrass Says:

    hehehe, thank you.Tu yg my hubby makin hari makin kembang badan nya ;-).Bila yr Hubby nak dtg sini next?

  5. aishah zaharin Says:


    the other day, i was browsing ur blog. skali OH ternampak what u serve for dinner, and he said, “ey, yang kita nampak ari tuh looks delicious!”

    i know what he means clearly. nak suruh i masak la tuh. apa kata u put up the ingredients and we’ll try it out? 😀

  6. lemongrass Says:

    Pandai aje dia kenan2 ye nak makan tu, hehehe. You nak recipe the seafood marinade ke? I pun takde exact measurement, ikut sedap tastebuds aje but I put fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, diced chili api,fresh coriander leaves and roots dia. Then marinate around 15-30 minutes mcm tu.

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