Miss 5’s cold is getting worse especially her cough. Poor her sebab hari ni aje dah 3 kali dia threw up after a coughing bout. Tak sempat her meals nak hadam, dah keluar balik, tu yang asik kelaparan aje dia hari ni, hehehehe…. At least she’s a good patient who’s happy to lie on the couch watching tv the whole day and would go to the toilet herself bila terasa nak muntah🙂. Probably sebab dia dah biasa sangat muntah, she knows already all the symptoms nak muntah tu, tu yang terus aje pergi ke toilet. Which makes life so easy for her parents sebab tak susah2 nak clean up after that🙂.

Speaking of Miss 5, she asked me just now, “ Mummy, I don’t like being sick. How come Allah makes me sick?” . She’s been learning about Our Creator quite intensively at school the past few weeks so she knows that Allah makes all things happen. I guess she’s just at that stage of understanding things that she can’t see and trying to make sense of the things she learns at school. She asked me the other day whether Allah is a boy or a girl🙂. So in regards to her being sick question, I said to her, “ No one likes being sick but you can always ask Allah to make you better quicker.” Then I explained to her, “In a way, it’s good to be sick because your body is making all these good things called antibodies to fight the bad germs so next time when your body meets the same bad germ, you won’t get sick because your body will know how to fight it. And when you are sick, it shows that your body is fighting the bad germs which is good.” I think she understands the concept of good germs and bad germs and fighting, hehehehe….. The Little Misses love it when we explained to them about our bodies and its functions and how all the bits work🙂. Much better to tell them the truth than tell them white lies kan🙂.

And since I hari ni jadi Mummy mithali again, I made chicken briyani for dinner. But I think memang jauh beza betul my briyani dengan the real pakistani briyanis tu sebab I pakai taram aje masak guna remaph ratus yang ada in my kitchen aje. The Other Half said there’s something missing in it, probably chilli and a few other vital ingredients in a briyani kot🙂, sebab I buat tak pedas langsung so tak kick lah rasanya. Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose in the kitchen🙂. For Miss 5, I made chicken soup sebab orang sakit kan, hehehe……


I takde saffron tu yg kaler dia semua putih aje, takde warna warni🙂.


Tinggal banyak ni after dinner tadi…. Enough for The Other Half’s and my lunches esok, hehehe

17 Responses to “”

  1. Flower Says:

    I hari tu ada beli rempah bryiani kat kedai cina dkt my house. Bukan yg Shan tu, tapi Adabi ke apa. Malaysia mari. The taste, not sure yet. Belum try lagi.

  2. blogresipi Says:

    seems delicious.

  3. lemongrass Says:

    Hari tu I guna Shan, mmng sedap tp too pedas for my kids tu yg malas nak guna rempah briyani ready made. My kids ni mmng tak larat I, bila lah agaknya nak tahan pedas, hehehe…


  4. ain Says:

    siannya miss 5, getting worse pulak. auntie doakan miss 5 cepat sembuh k!

    akak pun kdg2 buat ns beriyani guna apa aje yg ada. rasa sama ke tak ngan ori beriyani, makan aje la.

  5. somuffins Says:

    LG, cam pakat2 aje kita masak beriani. Nanti I tampal mine yang kelabu2 asap tu eh? eh?

  6. somuffins Says:

    Hope your daughter recuperates soon.

  7. Jamie Says:

    Didoakan miss 5 cepat sembuh.. kesian dia.. cakap kat dia, bila Allah uji kita maknanya Allah sayang kita.

  8. lemongrass Says:

    Kak Ain,
    Klu orang pakistan mkn my nasi beriyani, mmng kena kutuk abislah sbb tak ori tp kita yg nak makan kan, so telan aje lah labu, heheheh

    U pun masak beriyani ke? Hari beriyani sedunia kot, hehehe. Jgn lupa tayang kat blog tau🙂.

    Nak ckp mcm tu, tp nanti kan sure dia akan tanya, kakak dia tak sakit tu maknanya Allah tak sayang lah ye? hehehe.

  9. Ms Red Hat Says:

    My dear Mynn

    Beautifully and logically explained. I have always admired your parenting skills. I agree that a child deserves to be told the truth but parents must be smart enough to find a way exlaining to them in the language that they could understand.

    Ni bukan sengaja nak puji ye as Mudzaffar and Sheri too complimented your kids for being so polite and well-behaved. What i like most about them is they take the trouble to talk and entertain us everytime we go to your house and are always well-behaved. Nakal sikit tu takapalah Mynn -every kid has his/her “moments” but generally they are so lovely!

  10. HalfBlood Princess Says:

    lorr kesiannya miss 5, hope she will recover soon.:)

    sis LG xkisahla tade safron ke apa but it still looking yummilicious to me. sy mmg hantu beriyani..ms kt uk dlu salu je mkn pakis beriyani.. mmg tiada tolok bandingnya la kn.:D

  11. lemongrass Says:

    Salina dearie,
    when you live in a multireligious/ multicultural society, you have to be very careful when you explain things to the kids about anything and everything🙂. But at the same time you have to try tell them the truth too. The things you need to juggle, hehe. Thank you for the kind praise re: the girls. We are very thankful that they are the way they are🙂.

    Pakistani briyani tu mmng lah sedap kan, rasanya I kena berguru dgn they all baru dpt jadi sesedap briyani diaorang, hehehe. Setakat ni I cuma boleh buat melayu+jawa+mat saleh briyani aje, hehehe….

  12. QiStinA's Says:

    kesiannye zahra… hope cepat baik..

  13. QiStinA's Says:

    kesiannye zahra… hope cepat baik..

  14. QiStinA's Says:

    kesiannye zahra… hope cepat baik..

  15. Flower Says:

    Shan mmg pedas. Tp I dont think yg made in msia tu pedas sgt tak? Hana I mmg tak tahan pedas. Tp my omar suka pedas sbb dia masa dlm perut mommy dia mmg suka makan pedas just like daddy dia. I mmg tak berapa suka pedas. Tp kadang2 tu teringin lak kan.

  16. aku la ros Says:

    terarnyer akak masak… lapar….

  17. lemongrass Says:

    mmng tgh musim colds kat sini, tadi I tanya cikgu dia, dlm kelas Zahra around 15 kids tak dtg skolah sbb demam n batuk, hehehe. Seronok lah cikgu dia mengajar sbb tak ramai students🙂.

    tu lah, I nak buat briyani yg pedas2 ni tp malas betul semlm nak masak 2-3 jenis dishes so tu yg taram aje buat yg tak pedas🙂.

    tak lah terer mana tp bolehlah klu nak bagi kenyang 1 keluarga😉.

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