What a gorgeous day today. It’s 2 days before the official Winter season starts but it was really warm today. That’s Perth for you! Our winter pun never gets that cold anyway, paling sejuk it got to was –0.6C in 2006 which was such a big news sebab memang tak pernah2 sampai subzero temperature kan, hehehe. I think it got up to 24C tengah hari tadi which was just nice enough for a picnic at the playground. Biasalah kan kat Perth ni, bila nice weather aje during the weekend, mesti lah pergi playground sambil berpicnic🙂. I guess it’s everyone’s favourite past time here (especially people like us yang dah beranak pinak ni :-)). You all pun sure agaknya dah jemu tengok we all ni asik2 pergi playground, asik2 pergi picnic, hehehe. Memang takde social life lain lah kan😉.

So, hari ni nya entry sudah semestinya about picnic and playground lah kan. Sheri’s Hero turned 3 yesterday so The Other Half suggested why don’t we all go to the Applecross playground for a potluck picnic, the kiddies will definitely enjoy the playground and the biggies will definitely enjoy the food🙂. I pun when people mention potluck and picnic, terus lah angguk aje especially if the picnic is among friends kan. But I guess it counts as a surprise birthday party because she didn’t know that we were bringing along a cake for the birthday boy as well🙂.

The Other Half was so happy today cos he got to play with ‘HIS’ toy aka my Mother’s Day present aka the DSLR camera, hehehe. I cuma dapat main2 dengan our old digital camera aje since I masih belum khatam2 lagi the DSLR manual tu! Punyalah lambat nya nak khatam, tak tau lah bila😉. So, layan aje lah ye the photos from today.



The food spread at the picnic today, pizza and garlic bread (I buat), marinated baked lamb (Hafiz buat) and the yummiest otak2 (bought by Salina :-)). Dah lama sangat I tak makan otak2 ni and tadi memang lah The Other Half and I melantak betul2🙂. The biggies makan sampai kenyang habis but the kiddies makan sikit aje because they were so busy playing, more food for the biggies, hehehe…..


The biggies yang tak sabar2 nak makan🙂.

IMG_0127          IMG_0131

Hafiz, only a true macho man/boy can wear a pink floral hat so gorgeously, hehehe….


Ingat nak buat the walk ala2 The Beatles tapi most of the people in the photos were too young to know who The Beatles were, hehehe….


It was a jaffa cake, orange cake covered with choc ganache. I liked it (but tak tau lah what others thought of it especially what the birthday boy thought of it ;-)). Probably he was so terharu tengok nama dia on the cake, hehehe….


The Other Half testing the DSLR timer on a tripod🙂.

Thank you Sheri n family and Salina n hubby, we had a fabulously great time at the picnic!

12 Responses to “”

  1. sheri Says:

    Thank you so much for the fabulous picnic (thanks to your super-delicious pizza and yummy dinosaur cake which is exactly what adam wanted (choc cake with 3 candles!! hehe). We enjoyed the picnic with your family and Salina’s. And thanks Matt for capturing the moment beautifully. Looking forward to the next one! Hafiz cakap next time nak bawak topi untuk adam, hehehe

    Sheri and Hafiz (kat sebelah i) ;p

  2. fazlinil irma Says:

    seronoknya picnic…
    ehm, london pun cuaca sangat elok utk picnic..
    pg td kak ct ( majikan sy la kan..hehehe..nanti tersilap lg) suruh anak2 pujuk abahnya( which mean majikan sy jugak..hahaha) nak g park petang ni..

    harap2 berjayalah..hehehe..

  3. ain Says:

    bestnya picnic ramai2. happening kan. akak lama dah tak gi picnic.

  4. Ms Red Hat Says:

    Dearest Mynn,

    Both my hubby and i enjoyed each moment of our picnic cum outdoor birthday party tremendously. Everything was perfect in my eyes -the weather, food, setting, pictures and especially the great comnpanies ….looking forward for the three families outing in the future! So sekarang kita dah ada official photographer kan for our outing session!

  5. littlenailofar Says:

    isk, terlioq betul tgk giant pizza akak.

    tetiba rasa cam nak mkn pizza pulak. tp tgh on diet nih. huhu… cancel diet lah.

  6. lemongrass Says:

    wahahaha, sorry lah ,I takde program nak tukar kaler of the hat lah. Matt kata, Adam looks so cute in it anyway😉. Alya said she had fun time being Adam’s babysitter, hehehe. Jgn lupa to give us the photos that Hafiz took ok!

    you are still in the last days of spring kan? So sure best cuaca kjap lagi. Enjoy the picnics🙂

    Kak Ain,
    culture kat sini mmng culture picnic🙂, so tu yg klu wknd aje mmng penuh lah playgrounds with picnickers. Mmng so fun!

    poor Hafiz u bagi that job to Matt, hehehe… Nanti kita mintak gmbr fr Hafiz ok then boleh lah compare the photos🙂. We enjoyed your company as well and definitely we’ll do it again🙂.

  7. lemongrass Says:

    tu lah, tadi we all melantak sgt2, perut I sampai mlm ni masih rasa kenyang lagi, hehehe..Mmng kena diet lepas ni🙂

  8. blogresipi Says:

    Wah… banyaknye makanan… nak join!!!🙂

  9. nj Says:

    I love looking at your picnic food!…hebat otak2 sampai Perth tuuu…

  10. lemongrass Says:

    join jangan tak join, hehehe

    mmng best kan klu tengok makanan kat picnic ni, rasa nak makan aje semuanya. I pun terkejut tengok otak2 tu!🙂

  11. ummiQisti Says:

    wahhh..happening nye kak..x penah lg pg picnic mcm ni kt sini sbb kat sini semedanggg je paneh (ckp Perak panas) heeee..

    p/s : terkecur tgk piza akak..cam kat Pizza Hut..😉

  12. lemongrass Says:

    u all kena berpicnic under the moon light lah malam2 hari baru lah tak semedangg paneh, hehehe….

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