The Other Half said to me, “It’s been 3 weeks already. I should get a medal!” Do you know what he was talking about? His promise to cook every Saturday nite🙂. He was supposed to cook last nite but since semalam no one felt like eating much after a big picnic lunch, he postponed it to tonite. I said to him, “ we’ll wait till you’ve passed the 6-month mark, then I’ll give you a medal for cooking! ” I dah bertahun2 masak, tak pun mintak medal, dia baru 3 kali masak dah mintak medal, hehehehe……

And furthermore, he had to ask Miss 10 to help him to cook tonite so tak aci lah kan kalau bagi medal kat dia sorang🙂. But truthfully, Miss 10 loves helping her Daddy in the kitchen because he made her do a lot of things like chopping the veges, tasting all the ingredients, weighing and measuring the ingredients, stirring the food in the pot which is fun to do kan. And it teaches her maths and science at the same time but in a much more fun way! Hehehehe…. Unlike me yang jarang ajak dia masuk kitchen to cook dinner sebab I would rather masak cepat2 without any interruption🙂. But once in a blue moon we do have our weekend mummy-daughters baking sessions which they both enjoy. Hmmm, dah lama jugak tak buat our baking sessions ni….

So for dinner tonite, The Other Half and Miss 10 cooked beef tacos.


The whole taco ensemble before the assembly.


After the cosntruction, doesn’t it look tempting?

I wonder what he’ll make next. Oh yeah, I forgot, the Honorables will be here next weekend so he might cook roast I guess. But after next week, he’s open to suggestions for his dinner menu from my loyal blog readers as long as it’s nothing too complicated but still taste good ( banyak benor demands dia, hahahaha ).

9 Responses to “”

  1. are Says:

    sedap la nmpk…k.min,
    mintak resepi!!!

  2. lemongrass Says:

    kena mintak kat my hubby lah camtu,hahaha.. Nanti I pujuk dia share recipe yek😉

  3. fazlinil irma Says:

    akak..same with me la..bila dorang nak tolong sy tak bagi..sbb melambatkan lg kerja ada la..hehe
    bila sorang nak tolong, yg lg 2 pun nak jugak..
    last2 dr mudah keja jd rumit n kecah..
    lepas tu langsung tak payah😀

  4. Azita Says:

    kalu koleksi resepi min plus ngan the other half punya resepi – leh buat koleksi resepi keluarga ni..dibukukan…!

  5. lemongrass Says:

    tu lah kan, klu masak sorang2, mmng gerenti sipa cepat pastu tak berkecah dapur tu, hehehe

    Kak Ita,
    boleh lah we all buat koleksi utk the little misses bila diaorang besar nanti kan🙂

  6. azah Says:

    min, ala bagi je award kat dlm komputer yg byk2 tu..hehe..atau min cipta award besar2, then paste kat yur entry..sure dia bangga habis..recipe fr readers..rendang, blh ke dia masak?..anyway mcm tempting jugak masakan yur hubby ni..bertuah you

  7. Lynna Says:

    hi LG….lama betol tal blog hopping and singgah kat umah u ni…cian miss 5 sakit yhe? how’s she doing now? nmpk mcm dah ok😉

    i nak suggest ur other 1/2 masak yg sempoi giler ni….nasik,sayur lemak,mkn dgn ikan bakar pastuh soh dia tumbuk sambal belachen jer….senang kan? sodap tuh kalau complete dgn gerenti u sorang jer la kot yg mkn nnt kan?kekekeke ;p

  8. joegrimjow Says:

    yg pntg halal!

  9. lemongrass Says:

    Kak Azah,
    hahaha, excellent idea🙂. I rasa klu dia masak rendang, takde sape yg berani nak makan,hehehe…

    Miss 5 is still coughing but definitely akan kena paksa go to school esok🙂, tak larat I dah, hehehe. My hubby kata he'll leave cooking asian food to the Asian in the family to cook🙂.

    sudah semestinya🙂

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