First of all just want to wish all the Dads in Australia and NZ, a very Happy Father’s Day today. The Dad in our household, pagi2 tadi masa bangun sahur dah dapat home-made card fr Miss 5. But I was so busy with doing other things today that I forgot I’ve bought a card for The Little Misses to give to The Other Half. Masa tengah typed this N3 baru I tetiba teringat so kelam kabut suruh The Little Misses bagi the card before diaorang masuk tidur tadi. Apalah punya wife, itu pun boleh lupa, hahahahahaha. Nampak no yg Father’s Day ni tak se gah and se happening Mother’s Day, hikhikhik….

And since tengah puasa so tak lah buat any special lunches or breakfast for The Other Half. Takpe lah, we’ll make it up for him some other day. We didn’t buy him anything special pun but he did buy himself the miniature Warhammer models to paint so kiranya that’s his Father’s Day present lah :-). I haven’t had time to go shopping for him. Ye lah kan, kat sini the shops shut at 5 most days so memang takde masa lah nak really browse around looking for that special something. But The Other Half pun wasn’t expecting anything anyway, hehehe.

Malam tadi masa nak tidur, I was saying to myself yang I wanted to start making Raya cookies today. Dah excited sikit nak start ni. But after Subuh pagi tadi, we all sambung tidur balik and then bila bangun dah pukul 9 and then lepak2 baca buku cerita, pukul 10 baru nak keluar from underneath the doona. Itu pun sebab dah bursting to go to the toilet, kalau tak, memang tak keluar lah lagi, hahahaha. And then by the time I finished basuh kain, jemur kain, basuh toilets and bathrooms, dah takde mood nak buat cookies so kenalah postpone sampai next weekend kot. But next weekend dah final weekend before raya so by hook or by crook, I have to start baking lah. Kalau tak, sape nak buatkan tart nenas untuk I and sape nak buatkan kuih gunting utk I :-(. Inti nenas dah berzaman buat, tart nya tak buat2 lagi, hahahaha…. Pemalas betul I ni ;-).

But malas2 I pun sempat gak lah buat jemput2 pisang, curry puffs (again!) and baklava for Iftar. For main meals, I made popcorn chicken ( just chicken breast diced into cubes and coated with seasoned cornflakes crumbs) for The Other Half and The Little Misses to eat with chips and I buat meehoon sup untuk I. But Miss 5 tengok I makan, terus dia nak makan noodles instead of chips (anak Mummy kan ;-), hehehe).


My home-made baklava. Sape nak recipe dia, just go to shortcut under ‘recipes’ and pandai2 lah cari kat situ ye, hehehe. Miss 10 and The Other Half memang betul2 minat baklava ni. Dulu masa I tak tau buat ni lagi, everytime we all lalu kedai turkish/ middle eastern, mesti beli ni untuk diaorang makan. Sekarang dah tau buat, diaorang tinggal order aje dari I when they feel like eating it, hahahaha…


My meehoon sup yang teramat lah simplenya. But as long as ada sambal kicap, for me dah sedap sangat2 :-). The Other Half memang tak kan sentuh langsung meehoon sup ni, tak tertelan kat tekak dia!


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