Since ramai lagi yang masih dalam mood raya, my post tonite will be slightly melancholic….

I’ve noticed as I get older, I become more and more wary of making friends. Actually, sejak dari dulu lagi pun I wasn’t the friendliest girl. Orang lain sikitnya ramai kawan but I jenis yang cuma ada 2-3 orang kawan rapat aje, dari sekolah rendah ke sekolah menengah, from uni to working life until now. The Other Half said that I’m selectively friendly, hehehe…  But people sometimes think since I ada blog, it equates to me being very sociable and very friendly. Ye lah kan, since I’ve posted a lot of stuff about our lives in this blog, that’s why I guess people made that assumption. I really enjoy having a blog and sharing parts of our lives with the readers of the blog and I love reading the comments and the chat, they really make my day and make me smile :-). And I will be so sad if takde orang nak comment on my post and chat with me kat chatbox tu, hehehe.Tapi for people who know me well (which is tak ramai pun 😉), they know that I’d generally rather spend my time alone or with my family doing things with them than going out everyday with friends. Tu sebabnya our social life is very quiet which suits us very well. But I’m not saying that our way of living is the right one or even a particularly good one but we like it :-). Some people will find our lives so dull and boring, hehehe…. (I guess that’s why I married an accountant 😉). We also tend to keep our personal lives and work lives very separate. Like when we get invited to functions at colleagues’ homes, we generally don’t go unless we know them really really well and both of us have to feel comfortable going. It’s sad and slightly pathetic isn’t it but it works for us, hehehe….

I rasa everyone pun kadang2 lebih kurang perangai macam I jugak kan. For me, there are so many categories of friendships and acquaintances. One type where you have this instant connection even sebelum you bertemu muka, you just know that there will be something special in that friendship. Another type where you’ll warm up to them once you’ve ‘known’ them through blogs or emails or phones even though you tak pernah bersua muka and you cherish their friendships. Another type, you just don’t have any common ground between you and them and you figure this out pretty quickly. It’s not that I think these people are not nice, they could be the nicest people but we just don’t click, betul tak?  Sometimes, you just have to rely on your intuition to select your friends. Bila makin tua ni, you tend to rely more on your intuition kan.. Do you think that’s a sign of you getting wiser or just more cynical? ;-).

And some friends you can tell everything to and you know that they won’t judge you or gossip about you and your secrets will be safe with them. These types of friends will accept you the way you are, warts and all, and you don’t feel like you have to be somebody else with them. Selalunya, tak ramai friends will fall in this group. And there are some friends who you share certain information about your life but not everything under the sun 🙂 and you tend to be a bit more ‘formal’ with them. And there are some acquaintances who you wouldn’t tell anything to…..

Well, cukuplah my bebelan and my ramblings untuk malam ni. Lagi baik I tayang my dinners for the past 2 nights. Orang kat rumah ni dah tak larat nak makan lauk pauk raya after 2 hari makan lauk pauk raya (baru 2 hari aje tu, dah tak larat, hehehe). So, terpaksalah I masak western untuk membuatkan semua orang gembira makan dinner….


Our dinner on Tuesday nite, beef schnitzel with chips and sauteed zucchini.


Our dinner tonite, mustard n rosemary baked chicken with green beans n garlic breadcrumb n creamy sauteed potatoes.

Memang meat-n-3-veg dinners lah kan. Yang herannya, kalau makan nasi 2 hari berturut2 dah tak larat, tapi kalau makan potatoes 3-4 hari berturut2 pun still boleh telan dengan lajunya lagi :-). Definitely tekak Mat Saleh, hmmm….

Esok malam, tak tau nak masak apa since The Other Half will be flying off to Sydney again…


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