Occasionally (very rarely), bila The Other half takde and it’s a weekend night, I’ll let The Little Misses sleep in our bed. I ingat lagi masa I kecik2 dulu, sikit nya best ke kalau dapat naik kat katil my parents masa pagi2 lepas bangun tidur. We used to let The Little Misses do that when they were really small but since they’ve started school, memang dah stop lah letting them into our bed even on weekend mornings. I guess since our bed is only a double bed, so bila ada 4 orang in it, memang lah so crowded which will eventually lead to arguments of this nature, “Ouch, you’ve kicked me!” or “How come you get to lie next to Mummy? I want to lie next to Mummy!” or “You are squashing me, move a bit more!” or “I can’t get the pillow, my head is not on the pillow!”. Which will lead to us saying (in a very irritated voice), “That’s why we don’t let you girls come into bed with us because you two will fight!”. Which will lead to The Little Misses being banished to their room, hehehehe….

But malam ni, I was feeling very generous by letting them watched a dvd in bed (my bed to be exact in my room!). When The Other Half rang from Sydney, dia gelak aje when I told him yang The Little Misses are in our bed and then he said, “So obviously, you’ll be sleeping on the futon tonite since the girls have conquered our bed?” Sudah semestinya lah! If I were to sleep in the same bed with them, memang lah I tak kan boleh tidur dengan lena. Sebab I would definitely get kicked or hit or pushed by their waywards arms and legs, macam mana lah nak tidur kan. Baik lah I tidur kat atas futon tu, lagi lena I, hehehe…

I know my girls can be extremely annoying and frustratingly difficult to talk to at times, but bila diaorang tidur, they look so innocent without any worries in the world…..



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