Hari ni The Other Half worked from home while looking after The Little Misses. Kalau school holidays, we all memang buat tag team lah ambik turn jaga The Little Misses. The Other Half said he can’t wait for Miss 10 to be big enough to be the babysitter for both of them without our supervision at home, which I think will only be in 5 years time when she’s 15. But at least they are big enough now to do their own things without disturbing The Other Half so he could work from home quite productively. What did they do today? Dari pukul 9 pagi sampai lah I balik from work tadi at 3 and then sampai nak dekat dinner, they spent the whole day at the dining table painting and colouring! Patutlah The Other Half loves it when he has to ‘look’ after The Little Misses at home, sebab memang pun he didn’t have to do anything, hehehe…

But he did do something sebab when I got back from work, Miss very-soon-to-be-6 said to me, “Mummy, Mummy. Guess what? Daddy cooked lunch today and it was really delicious!” I tanyalah dia, “What did Daddy cook?” Dia dengan bangganya sebab dapat Daddy yang can ‘cook’ said, “Instant noodles!” Wakakakakaka….  Agaknya terkejut dia sebab Daddy cooked, tu yang so excited to tell me :-). The Other Half had to cook for lunch today sebab there wasn’t any leftovers in the fridge and then takde stock frozen chips in the freezer and we’ve run out of bread, hehehe…..

And since he was so rajin to ‘masak’ lunch for The Little Misses, I pun buat kan lah dia his favourite seafood pizza for dinner. He has to look after The Little Misses again in the morning esok but I’ll be taking over the duty at lunch time so tak payah lah The Other Half pening kepala fikir nak masak apa for lunch esok, hehehe…


His favourite seafodd pizza, ada prawns, mussels, fish fillet, squid… Kiranya gourmet nya version of seafood pizza lah. But gourmet mcm ni pun, I still don’t like seafood pizza, tak tau lah kenapa….


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