Cuba tengok gambar Miss 10 kat bawah ni. Noticed her kembung mouth? Gambar ni The Other Half ambik lepas they came back from the dentist.


Miss 10 has had this 1 wobbly gigi susu since I rasa 1 year ago kot. Punyalah lama gigi tu wobbly tapi tak tanggal2. Setiap kali jumpa her dentist for her 6 monthly check, the dentist will ask her to goyangkan selalu gigi tu so cepat lah gigi tu tanggal. Selalunya, dalam seminggu tu dia akan ingat and akan goyangkan gigi tu hari2, pastu terus terlupa….. Until today’s check up, the dentist kata kat dia, “We’ve got to pull this tooth out today because plaque has started to build up under it.” So, the dentist sapu some local and then terus cabut her tooth, tu yang her mulut kembung sebab ada gauze in it. When The Other Half told me how much the dentist charged untuk cabut 1 gigi tu, I yang rasa macam nak pengsan. He charged us $80 untuk cabut 1 batang gigi! Next time, I’ll make sure Miss 10 does it herself and then I’ll give her the $80 for her to use, lagi berbaloi kan :-). I should have got it done masa we all balik M’sia hari tu, I don’t think it would have cost us RM80 let alone RM240 untuk cabut sebatang gigi….. Patutlah dentists kat sini ramai yang ada yachts and mansions, hehehehe…..

And tonite our dinner was very simple, fettucine bolognese aje. Easy and filling, my ideal way to cook :-).



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