I thought I love Spring but the weather condition today really reminded me why I do not like the Spring season. It’s not the season itself that I don’t like, sape lah yang tak suka mild sunny temperature with flowers blossoming everywhere. It’s the pollens that come with Spring that I really really detest. Satu hari suntuk ni I was sneezing non stop, having itchy face and nose, watery eyes, runny nose and everything that signals it’s the hayfever season! I did take antihistamine but it didn’t help at all :-(. I think I might have to change my antihistamine again… Sampai sekarang I have no idea which pollens yang buatkan I have all the hayfever symptoms but setiap kali Spring season and when it’s a bit windy, my whole body will suffer. Dah lah satu hari suntuk tadi (and tomorrow as well) we were and will be busy cleaning the house for the upcoming inspection on Monday ni, so memang tak berhenti lah sneezing sebab bergelumang dengan dust. The house is so dusty, doesn’t matter how often I dust it! Anyone nak tolong we all kemas rumah and do spring cleaning? :-). At times like this lah baru lah terasa betapa best nya kalau ada bibik kan, hehehehe….

Anyway, we did go to the circus last nite and we had a blast :-). The Little Misses enjoyed it and so did we.It was a really good circus actually (but I guess not as good as Cirque du Soleil lah kan), we were thoroughly entertained from start to finish and even The Little Misses sikit pun tak menunjukkan muka2 kebosanan langsung :-). And I did wear my knee length boots and a dress with them :-). Terkejut anak2 I tengok Mummy diaorang pakai dress, sebab ye lah, selalunya pakai pants or jeans aje kan ke mana2, hahaha.

We went to the city in the afternoon and then lepak2 kat rumah Salina before going to the circus. Best betul ada kawan yang duduk in the city ni kan Salina sebab ada tempat nak lepak2 sambil tunggu maghrib :-). Thank you so much for your hospitality….


I dah siap bergaya nak pergi circus but The Little Misses kena tunggu lepas dinner baru boleh bergaya. The dress is quite long until betis which goes nicely lah dengan my knee-length boots tu kan ;-), hehehehe… Ada nampak macam mak orang tak? wakakakakaka…..



At the circus…


Inside the circus…

Apalah agaknya yang Miss very-soon-to-be-6 tengah tengok tu kan, sampai terbeliak dia tengok, hehehehe…


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