Another quarterly house inspection done and delivered. The next one will hopefully be after we’ve come back from our Malaysian holidays in December. If we had our own house, tak payah lah sibuk2 with the inspection kan. But with the current housing price, we might have to wait a while before buying our own house. The average house price here in Perth is beyond ridiculous. Pastu The Other Half pulaknya wants to save some more money so we can buy a house outright without having to borrow from the bank, alamat berjanggut lah I terpaksa menunggu macam tu, hehehe…

So, pagi tadi sebab I malas nak ada kat rumah when the agent came, I pun awal2 pagi dah bawak The Little Misses keluar rumah to the playground. We all sampai playground tu tadi around 9.10, punyalah sah2 pagi nya sebab we were the first at the playground, hehehe. Budak2 lain tak bangun tidur lagi agaknya pun :-). But by the time we left there at 11.15, dah penuh gilers playground tu with kids, mentang2 lah school holidays kan and the weather was excellent, so semua orang pun berpicnic sakan lah with their kids.

Layan aje lah gambar diaorang ye….



Tengok lah, mana ada budak2 lain lagi masa ni :-).


Basah lencun diaorang main air. Nasib baik lah matahari memancar dengan bangganya so sekejap aje dah kering balik :-).

By the way, esok Miss 5 will turn 6 and she’s already asked for a love-shaped cake. Bila Miss 10 saw a round cake being baked in the oven, she said, “But she wants a love-shaped cake!” I pun said to her (along with rolling of my eyes), “I know that but haven’t got a love-shaped tin so I have to cut the round cake and shape it myself.” Punyalah senang hati I sebab dia mintak shape yang senang for me to do and she only wants butter cake aje pulak tu, lagi lah senang I, hehehe. Esok I tinggal curah choc ganache or buat buttercream aje on the cake :-).


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