Today she finally reaches the big 6 (after berbulan2 dia menunggu, hehehe). She was so excited bangun pagi tadi sebab she said she felt like she’s grown overnite, from a small girl to a big girl, macam2 lah budak2 ni kan :-). Ye lah, being 6 is definitely much better than being 5 kan ;-). Masa kecik2 ni lah they are so eager to tell people their age and so excited everytime their birthday comes. Bila dah sampai umur macam I ni pulak, everytime people tanya my age, I dengan sopan nya akan menepis soalan itu and distract them with another question, wehehehehe….

Since it’s Miss 6’s birthday, N3 hari ni will be about her aje lah ye :-)…


Muka The Little Misses baru bangun pagi…

And as promised, I made her the love-shaped cake with buttercream and very simple deco. Yang nak makan nya pun we all aje so simple is better in my opinion (ye lah, sebab I ni bukannya pro in cake decorating ni so itulah motto yang paling sesuai for me, hahahaha).


Simple kan, but she loved it so much which made me so happy :-).

Then, we had a very cosy picnic dinner at the playground to celebrate her birthday. The weather was gorgeous again today so picnic aje lah yang paling sesuai with weather like this. This is the nice bit about Perth ni, even though weekdays, ramai jugak yang berpicnic at the playground tadi with their families. And the best part was, The Other Half and I could lepak2 sambil borak2 at the picnic table while The Little Misses entah berlari kemana2 at the playground without worrying about The Little Misses going missing. Kalau kat M’sia, I rasa tak berani langsung I lepa from watching them…. Maybe it’s just me aje kot feeling that way…

Layan lagi lah ye gambar at the playground…



The Other Half perasan he looked cute in this photo. He said, “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t shave because it makes me look rugged and cute!” Wehehehehe, I sebagai isteri mithali, angguk aje lah kan ;-).



It was quite hilarious taking family photos ni sebab we all malas nak suruh orang lain tolong ambilkan gambar we all so we searched for places where we can sit nicely and there’s a place for us to put the camera on even though jauh (sebab lupa bawak tripod, hehehe). So, adalah a few other photos yang bermacam2 pose sebab The Other Half terpaksa berlari dgn lajunya to race the camera’s timer :-). But I think he did a good job with the photos.. (No, we didn’t use the DSLR, cuma guna digital camera biasa aje 🙂).


This was still at the playground area, playground tu kat atas bukit, yang ni kat bawah bukit aje. And air tu sungai, the Swan River, bukan laut but so pretty kan, nampak macam kat beach aje ye tak….


The Little Misses tak sabar tunggu the cake cutting ceremony, hehehe….

It was a really nice day, quiet but still fun as well :-).


5 Responses to “”

  1. 0ne~E Says:

    mnk best jerr kek tue !! nk resepi bole x ?

  2. lemongrass Says:

    thanks for the wish. Kek tu I just buat simple butter cake aje 🙂

    I buat butter kek aje utk bday kek tu. You boleh cari kat either Myresipi or Taste website. Kat sites ni banyak resipi butter cakes.

  3. blogresipi Says:

    Happy Birthday dear Miss 6… stay cute and sweet 🙂

  4. e510 Says:

    Nice site… Am a follower of it. Love Perth.. My grandson lives there.. Cheers

  5. lemongrass Says:

    Thank you for being a follower of my blog. Is your grandson studying here? We love Perth too and not thinking of moving for the time being 🙂

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