To add title or not to add title


I rasa dah nak dekat 2 tahun I dok berblogging, adalah agaknya 2-3 entries aje yang ada title or something resembling a title. Bila I blog-hopped, I tengok most bloggers have titles for their entries which I think make it nicer and kalau title tu interesting, make people more prone to read it kan :-). The reason I tak letak title selama ni was because I sentiasa terlupa nak letak title, hehehe. Bila dah publish baru teringat, pastu dah malas lah nak edit balik kan! I think maybe I should start adding titles to my entries so I can generate more interest in my blog, betul tak? ;-). But I ni memang bukan a story teller so nak come up with interesting titles for my entries rasanya will take up a lot of time. Ye lah, kalau boleh nak lah letak a catchy title ye tak, but nak invent catchy titles, something short and sweet (macam the owner of the blog 😉) tu I rasa susah lah jugak, hehehe…..

And most of my entries pun campur2 segala macam cerita so nak choose 1 title to sum up the entry will be even more difficult lah kan. Mau nanti the title lagi panjang dari the story mory, hahaha… I think I will letak title bila teringat and kalau takde title tu maknanya I lupa or I can’t come up with anything short nor sweet :-).

Tadi after The Other Half came back from work, all of us went for a walk around the block. I had already made dinner masa tu which was cooking in the oven so tu yang boleh keluar jalan2 with them. Kalau tak, selalunya diaorang keluar jalan2 sedut udara segar while Mummy terperap kat dapur bermain dengan periuk belanga cooking dinner :-). And sebagai blogger yang dedicated, I took my camera along. Some photos of the plants around our area and some photos of The Little Misses and The Other Half (sebab dah 6 hari I tak letak gambar The Little Misses kan, so ada pulak orang yang rindu, hehehe).


A small cherry blossom tree across the road from our house.


The Little Misses buat aksi lawak 😉


A bottle-brush tree. It’s called that sebab bunga dia sebiji macam berus botol susu tu.


The three stooges :-).

And this was the dinner that was cooking merrily in the oven while we went for our walk.


Baked honey mustard chicken wings with mashed potato and plenty of vegetables. Penuh satu pinggan tu dengan vegetables tonite, hehehe. We had baked asparagus, baked pumpkin (ini vegetable kan?), steamed carrot and corn on the cob.


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