To buy or not to buy


The Other Half tengok my blog tadi, baru lah dia terperasan yang I added a title to my entry last nite and dia tak berkenan pulak dengan the font and the colour of the title. Dia kata dia dah terbiasa dengan  my title-less blog so bila nampak title tu rasa macam termasuk blog orang lain aje, hehehe… I said to him, alah, tengok lah berapa lama I’ll keep up with writing a title sebab I ni selalunya warm warm chicken droppings aje, wakakakaka….. (mengamuk cikgu BI I kalau dia terbaca my blog ni).

Ok lah, let me story mory about the title above. A few nights ago, The Other Half and I were discussing about when is the right time to buy a house and the most important question is how much we are willing to spend on a house. Dulu masa we all kat Adelaide, we’ve already bought a house which we had to sell masa we all pindah ke Perth. And then, suddenly the housing price kat Perth ni skyrocketed out of the blue. Tak sanggup we all tengok harga rumah kat sini! Our first house in Adelaide only cost us $150,000 for a 3-bedroom 1 bathroom house. Nak dapat rumah harga tu sekarang kat Perth, we have to live out in the boondocks (kalau translate ke Bahasa Melayu, tinggal kat ceruk hutan jauh from pekan lah). Sekarang ni, at the suburb we are looking at, the median house price for a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom is $450,000!!!! 3 kali ganda dari harga dulu! Nak dekat half a million for a small house. Mana lah tak tercekik tengok harga tu kan :-). Kalau balik Malaysia, boleh jadi millionaire I, hahaha. Sebab itulah we are currently very happy to be renting and saving like mad for a deposit for a house!

Anyway, since The Little Misses are getting bigger, we have to start thinking of the right secondary school for them to go to (I’m talking about public government run schools ok, not private schools) Sekolah kat sini ikut zone, kalau you are not in the right zone, memang susah sangat2 lah nak masuk sekolah yang bagus2 ni. It just so happened, the house we are renting currently falls in the zone of this really really bad high school (memang terkenal dengan the worst kind of students with really really bad morals and attitudes) so tu yang we definitely have to move out of here sebelum The Little Misses masuk high school.

Unless…. Miss 10 gets into the Gifted & Talented program at the public school we are aiming at. Kat sini pun lebih kurang macam kat Malaysia lah, ada special tests for the kids in Year 6 to sit if they want to join the Gifted & Talented programs at certain public high schools. Untuk nak masuk private school with scholarship pun ada test jugak but we all tak berminat pulaknya. But test ni tak wajib, sape yang nak masuk the program aje yang have to sit the test. Sebab cuma ada 600 places aje for these programs. From her school, cuma dia sorang aje yang ambik the test. I guess everyone else wasn’t interested  kot which is a bit sad. She took the tests in early August and 2200 Year 6 students took the tests along with her. November ni will be a nerve wrecking month for us sebab they will start offering the places for these programs next month. So, we will only know whether she gets it or not next month lah….Tadi we just got her test results back and she did really well, much much better than we expected but you never know kan… Hopefully, she’ll get into one of the schools we chose.

Lerr melencong jauh giler, hehehe, biasalah kan :-). Anyway, masa tengah2 berdiskusi tu, we all tried lah this mortgage calculator on the net. Alah, calculator yang asks you for you annual wage and then they’ll calculate how much you can borrow form the bank and how much mortgage you can pay. We all pun letak lah our our earnings…. and then it calculated that we can borrow $1 million dollars from the bank for our mortgage! Terkejut beruk sekejap we all tengok. 1 juta dollars tu bukannya sikit, banyak gilers weihhhhhh…. Macam tak percaya aje kan… Then bila we all tengok balik, patutlah.., rupa2nya they asked for your nett income not your gross income! We all pergi letak gross income, Cisss!!!! Anyway, when we calculated balik, they told us yang we could only borrow $620,000 max from the bank, hehehehe. Punyalah jauh beza kan the gross income and the nett income kat Australia ni. That’s what happens when you pay exorbitant amount of tax!

Anyway, we are going to start house hunting starting from this weekend. I really hate house hunting, so memenatkan and so depressing sometimes…… Beli ke tak, still undecided but we’ll have to start house hunting somewhere and some time, might as well start now, betul tak? 🙂

Ya Rabbi, panjang gilers entry malam ni. Nasib baik ada title kan, kalau tak, sure orang dah malas nak baca, hahahahaha…

Ok lah, sebelum you all terlelap, meh I tayang our dinner tonite. Burger and chips, easy peasy lemon squeezy…. 🙂



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