Lunch box


Semalam pergi melawat ‘rumah’ Shidah, dia cerita about her kids’ lunch boxes. Then I pun baru teringat yang I dah lama jugak tak tunjuk The Little Misses’ lunch boxes yang tiap2 hari I dok prepare for them :-). School dah mula seminggu so memang every night and every morning, 3 lunch boxes have to be packed lah. Hari tu dah cuti sebulan from packing lunch boxes during Ramadhan. Sekarang kena lah start balik…

I love making their lunch boxes during Spring and Summer because of the abundance of gorgeous fresh fruits for them to take. Selalunya before their bedtime, I’ll ask The Little Misses (and The Other Half) to pack their lunch boxes with snacks they want to take. And every nite, I’ll cut up the fruits and put them in the fridge so tak lah kelam kabut pagi2 baru nak buat everything. This week, I perasan yang Miss 10 is going through a ‘I’m so hugry, I can eat anything’ phase, maybe sebab she’s storing all this energy for a growth spurt soon kot. Hari tu, I dah bekalkan dia quite a lot of stuff but she was still hungry so dia pergi kecek Miss 6 nya cupcake. Nasib baik lah Miss 6 masa tu was full already so dapatlah dia sedekah kan her cupcake kat Kakak dia yang masih kelaparan, hehehe. Luckily for Miss 10 yang adik dia goes to the same school kan :-). So, for the past 2 days, I’ve been packing more stuff for Miss 10 and she’s been finishing everything so far. Not a single thing left! Which is quite amazing for Miss 10 to do, hahahaha…. Budak kan, tengah membesar :-)….

Anyway, layan lah gambar their lunch box for today. I made them sausages in bread roll. I dapat recipe kat blog Azie but saje nak buat fancy sikit, I pi potong kecik2 and then cucuk kat lidi sate. The Other Half kata, I terlebih rajin, hehehehe. But The Little Misses love it this way sebab senang for them to makan and celup in the tomato sauce. Tak messy I guess. Then I packed them some fruits, chips, sultanas n nuts, jelly and a choc bar since it’s Friday.


Their typical lunch box for Spring and Summer.

Alamak, we are so so late for school and work already. Habis lah. Ciao for now!


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