Hot weather and BBQ

We had a really hot summery weather today, it went up to 37C. It was so nice to finally have the aircond on instead of the heater. And obviously lah, it was also the perfect weather to rasmikan our new kettle BBQ. Tak sabar betul The Other Half nak menguji bakat terpendam nya itu and to join the rest of the Aussie men who are in love with their BBQs, hehehehe. Kiranya kalau kat OZ ni, Aussies and BBQs memang tak boleh dipisahkan lah. My hubby pulaknya, baru sekarang nak bermesra2 dengan BBQ after dah berpuluh tahun duduk kat OZ ni :-). Itu pun setelah I membebel bagai nak rak for him to buy the kettle BBQ, baru lah dia beli (kalau I tak ‘paksa’, sampai bila pun we all tak kan ada BBQ ni 🙂).

So, this morning before our house hunting trip, The Other Half read the DIY instructions of the BBQ and dengan sorakan2 and some help from the cheering squad, he managed to construct the BBQ without doing anything wrong. You know how some men are with DIY stuff, hehehehe….


Begitu tekun The Other Half membaca the instruction and The Little Misses pulak sibuk cheered him on, hahahaha….

Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at 5 places. Out of the 5 houses, only 1 aje yang menarik minat we all. But it’s got a swimming pool which we rather not have. The Little Misses suka teramat lah with the swimming pool but sape lah yang sanggup nak maintain swimming pool tu anak2 woi! The rest of the house is really nice, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and plenty of room…. But there’s still a lot of things to think about before we buy anything and also there’s still a lot of other houses for us to look at…. That’s ok, we’ll take it slowly…

Balik from the house hunting and after lepak2 sekejap, at 4.30pm, acara yang di nanti2 kan pun bermula. I marinated a whole butterfly chicken with home-made piri piri marinade pagi tadi before we went out so everyone’s was looking foreward to have BBQ piri-piri chicken :-).


Begitu khusyuk The Other Half memerhatikan his brickettes and his charcoals. Penuh konsentrasi, hahahaha….


Miss 6 pun nak ambik gambar jugak standing next to her pea plant. DIa yang tanam pokok pea tu at school last term and sampai sekarang masih dia jaga lagi tu… (And I pulak nak tunjuk the dress yang Miss 6 pakai tu. I made that for Miss 10 about 2 years ago but sekarang Miss 6 yang pakai). Okay lah jugak kan dress yang I buat tu. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri, wehehehe.

Finally, the chicken on the BBQ sebelum di masak…



And ini rupa dia setelah di masak. By the way, The Other Half said to me, tonite all the credits go to him sebab I cuma tukang potong ayam and marinate ayam aje while dia yang ber ‘tungkus lumus’ ber ‘susah payah’ hidupkan BBQ and masak ayam sampai cantik macam tu. So, kalau you all nak puji my dinner tonite, make sure you puji The Other Half ok, and not me, wakakakaka…

Takpelah kan, sekali sekala dia nak dapat nama, kita angguk aje lah, hehehehe…..


One Response to “Hot weather and BBQ”

  1. Erin Says:

    hai kak LG,i love to read ur blog all this while but baru skrang na mengkomen..:)cm secret admirer plak..anyways, the hot chicken look soooo nice..dah terliur ni..and i love to read bout ur family and the little misses so cutee.. give them a big hug for me k.and for me, u r one super mom..nanti leh ajar i masak plak.:)take care there kak.big hug,erin.

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