It’s going to be a long wait

You know how when you are eagerly waiting for something to happen, it takes sooooo looong to arrive or to materialise. But then when you are not looking forward to something, sekejap aje dah sampai masanya… The saying in English is “a watched kettle never boils”. But since I tengah ada mental block sekarang, for the life of me, I can’t remember what the equivalent peribahasa is in BM. Anyone cares to tell me? Is it “buah ditunggu takkan gugur” ? Betul ke? Masa SPM dapat A1 tapi my BM sekarang memang rasanya sudah jatuh merundum macam buah durian gugur, hehehe…

Anyway, orang2 kat rumah ni semua tengah biting our nails waiting for November to come (well, maybe not Miss 6 kot 🙂). I know I can’t wait for November to arrive. Rasa lambat sangat pulaknya nak sampai ke November ni, hehehe. But at the same time I tak nak lah November datang cepat sangat sebab baju wedding tak siap lagi (punyalah lembab macam kura2 tukang jahit tak bertauliah ni), hehehehe. Such contradictory feelings kan! Apalah I ni! Like I posted in a previous entry, the first round offer for the GATE Program that Miss 10’s applied for will only come out in November. She has already sat the test in August and next month baru offer keluar.Then only we know whether she’s been selected to enter this program at her chosen school or not. Then only we can decide whether we want to move out from this rental property or to stay put or to buy a house or not. Our rent is currently very very cheap so tu yang rasa berat hati sangat nak pindah and nak beli rumah. Especially bila rumah yang we all minat, the asking price was $539,000+. Rumah biasa2 aje pun dah lebih setengah juta! Tak pernah seumur hidup I terbayang yang one day I might have to pay more that setengah juta dollars untuk beli rumah 4 bilik aje, memang tersangat lah tahap melampau nya I think….

Anyway, berbalik to that GATE program. The process to enter the selected schools yang ada program ni lebih kurang macam pilih Uni after SPM lah. If your results are good, you get your first choice university/ program. You get to list down 5 schools that you prefer out of the 12 schools (tak silap lah) yang offer the program. We chose 3 schools South of the River and 2 schools North of the River in that list. So, kalau Miss 10 bernasib baik, she gets her first choice school. Kalau tak bernasib baik, she gets her second choice and so on. Kalau betul betul tak bernasib baik langsung, she won’t get offered any place at all :-((((. Kalau she doesn’t get offered any place, then memang lah definitely we all kena pindah dari sini, hehehe…. So, we are really hoping and praying for the best for her (and us too 🙂).

Walaupun risau memikirkan about November, but masak dinner tetap kena teruskan kan, hehehe. Dinner malam ni ingat nak masak fish lagi but The Other Half kata, kalau nak masak fish, dia nak fish n chips. But baru aje haritu makan chips so kenalah tukar menu lain. The easiest is pasta n bolognese sauce lah…



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